Monday, January 31, 2011

Making Guitar Picks

I doubt that many of my fellow tatters play the guitar as well, but I'm posting this anyway. It's incredibly simple, but the thought had never crossed my mind until I read about it on the internet.

My little cousin (she's five years old) always takes those unloaded gift cards from the store. Somehow, we always end up with a whole bunch of them around the house, despite keeping a close eye on her, while at the store. Plus, I had a Hot Topic card that I knew I was going to lose, and an iTunes gift card that was already loaded into my account. So this project was really useful in every way!

I play the guitar and ALWAYS manage to lose my picks. No matter what precautions I take, they always disappear. An now, I have about 20 very nice picks that work as well if not better than the ones you can buy. It sucks to lose $2 dollar picks...

So I came up with a solution, with the help of some online inspiration. I turned my cards into picks. Each one yields about 5, unless you want a specific part of the card on your pick, like I did with a butterfly's face. It's best to use a sturdy card. A lot of Target's are, as are the iTunes cards. But for the sake of appearances, you can have some flimsy ones in your collection. The tend to make a nice soft sound.

Here's what I did:

1. Plan how you'll be cutting them out by arranging some black, flat picks on the backside of the card you'll be using. Make note of any specific designs you want to be on your picks.

2. You don't have to use multiple picks for the first step, but it's just easier to arrange them. I said to use black ones because you'll be using permanent marker to trace one.

3. When that's done, just cut them out! Use a good pair of scissors, some might not work very well.

4. You can file the edges, but I don't like to. Just make sure the scissors aren't at an angle when cutting.

The good thing about making your own picks is that you can make the tip as pointy as you want, therefore increasing picking speed!

Hope this wasn't too simple (:


  1. I also tat and play the guitar and mandolin. I am waiting for the arrival in my mailbox today of something called a pickpunch-it's like a paper punch only it is pick shaped and it supposedly will cut through old gift cards and detergent bottles and other suitable plastics. Considering the number of picks my kitties have taken off with the punch should pay for itself very quickly. I tried to cut them myself but I am so awful with a craft knife I just kept making a mess. You've done a fabulous job with yours!

  2. That sounds a lot more convenient than my method! Where did you order it from? (:

  3. I just got it yesterday and tried it out this's awesome. I did need to use an emery board to smooth out the edges a bit. I can't wait to get home tonight and try the picks out. I got the punch from the delivery was very quick and it is a very heavy well made tool.