Monday, February 28, 2011


I am, as usual, not going to be on for a while, BUT I have pictures!!! Fun pictures. Without the internet, I've been able to improve my skills in crocheting and knitting, not so much in tatting, as I've pretty much worn out all there is to learn. Also I've been committing a lot more time to violin, piano, and guitar. With tatting, I started putting together a huge portfolio of patterns that I wrote, and ones that I photocopy from library books. Variety is amazing, I tell you! FINALLY, I've broken through the the conformist barrier and into the realm of creativity, tatting patterns are really coming to me.

The first is a doll that I knitted when I was in the 9th grade, she's been wearing a not-so-fashionable dress that I crocheted a while back, and I wanted to make her some fancy new clothes. So I crocheted a skirt with tatted trim and sew a top with more tatted trim.

Then, I worked a little bit on ring and pattern designs, which turned out lovely, if I may say so.

This is one that's very hard to photograph, but am I am so so so proud of. It took absolutely forever and I thought about stopping several times. Five days total. It's about 7 by 13 inches. I'm going to be entering it in the county fair, I hope they're as impressed as I am! (:

And this last thing is something not tatted but knitted! The extent to which I love knitting is extraordinary, not as much as tatting of course, but it's up there. This is the most complex thing I've worked on, and I'm so happy about it. I turned it into a hat.

The pattern called it a star, but it looks more like a daisy. That's why I chose to spend the last bit of my yellow on it, because when will I use yellow again? Meh.

That is all (:
Have a nice week!!

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