Tuesday, February 8, 2011


While browsing through the wonderful pieces of TotusMel on etsy, I was horrified to see that the lovely heart is one of her designs! BUT, I am absolutely sure I did not get the sketch from her blog/etsy. So someone else either copied her before me, or she didn't create it herself. But I'm pretty sure she did.

*Sigh* The reason why this upsets me is because she's SELLING them, and they are making her money to help support herself and her family. I feel bad :/

Anyway, I've begun a belt for my mother, it's going to take ages, but that's okay, I have MONTHS. I'm also experimenting with larger threads, which is turning out great. I tried working with a cotton crocheting yarn and though I liked the results, shuttles can barely hold enough thread for 4 rings. I'm looking into designs that I can sell for Valentines Day, exciting! And any day I'll be getting an email from David Reed Smith saying that he finished my shuttles and they're on the way! YEEEEEE!

So those are my updates (":

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