Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tatting Shuttles on the Way

I am so entirely excited!!! I just ordered two tatting shuttles from David Reed Smith.

A while back, I happened upon the site when I was in a DIY type of mood, but the process he showed was way to complex and I shunned the idea. Eventually, I decided to look at the rest of his pictures. I was surprised by all the wonderful looking shuttles I saw, but was unsure of the insecure system of payment and everything, so I forgot about it.

Then, I went into a frenzy about a week ago. My clover shuttles are just SO boring and I was craving a lovely shuttle. Most are just too expensive. I don't feel like dropping $100 on a shuttle. So while searching, once again, I came across the site of David Reed Smith. And after a little bit of research and reviews, my order is in, and my payment is in the mail.

Hopefully I'll soon have two 2 1/2 inch shuttles, both with brass hooks, one in maple, one in purple heart, both with "Anika" burned beneath one of the shells. (:

Here are some pics from his site,




And here's the link to his order page:

I'll post the pics when I get them! Tell me if you've gotten any shuttles from David, and send the link to your pics if have them up, thanks!

Oh, and I'm working on an amazing piece right now, hopefully I'll finish soon (((:

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