Friday, February 4, 2011

Tatting Syndrome

You know the moment. When your pieces are drying and you're completely done with all the projects you were working on. It feels so refreshing, yet wrong. It doesn't feel good when you have no idea what to tat. Your home is already full of tatted pieces. The closest event is either months away or you've already tatted something for it. You go through the mental list of friends, do they have birthdays soon? Are they getting married soon? To no avail. You look through your pattern books and saved pattern sites on your computer. So many nice options, but what will be the next project. I always find this part of any art or craft difficult. Deciding what to do. And it's especially difficult with tatting. So usually, while I'm tatting, I make note of the next thing I'd like to tat, maybe replicate a piece I buy, or change something up, or even work on a sketch I've drawn. But today I was lost. It's very hard to think in that state! So after a couple hours of annoying everyone, I finally decided to try out a doily design of mine! Yayyyyy, we'll see how that pans out.

I FINALLY finished the crown I was working on. It took me about a week, but not straight. Maybe 6 hours total. I tatted the first row too loose initially and had to do it over. Tiresome I know, but that crown will last forever! I want it to be perfect.

Earlier today I had a little photo shoot with my cousin, and I must say, the photos turned out pretty cute!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I'm not particularly happy with how it turned out. Probably another aspect of Tatting Syndrome. Yes, it's now a thing.

In other news, I committed plagiarism. Kinda. Well not really. A while back, I saw the cutest heart ever on someone's blog and sketched it out. Today, I tatted it up (LOL, name reference). I searched thoroughly on several people's blogs, but I can't find it anywhere. So I warily will post my picture. Please tell me if it's from your blog or if you know who's it is. I take no claim! haha

Well, it's just so lovely (:

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  1. I know that moment, when it's done and the next idea hasn't come yet...or there are too many ideas to pick what comes next.

    When that happened today, my thoughts turned to the process and how to make it easier so invented a tatting toolkit for 'on the go'.

    Now back to tatting, with joy and fewer tangled in strings.