Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Thread

I went to Joann today to get some size 20 thread! Here's what I got:

I especially love the multi-colored one, and the purple/blue one is yummyyyy. It reminds me of the "luna" thread by yarnplayer on etsy, for some reason, although I know it's completely different. At some point, I do want to get some pretty thread on etsy, but I'm not sure how I can get a paypal.

Here's the progress I made on the crown. It's super messy because I forgot my needle and home, and a lot of pieces in this book, I've found, don't lie flat until they're blocked.

That's what I have for you for the day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haters be Hatin'

Maybe not the best title for a tatting blog, but appropriate for what I want to open with. I think it's obvious that I'm pretty young, 17 years and 177 days old to be exact. I've got to say, that, though most teenagers aren't stereotypical, they are as a group. In my Facebook news feed, there are posts about concerts and new piercings and pageants (LOTS of pageant people) and fury-provoked statuses where a preteen girl will put down another one. Honestly, I'm not like that. My rarely posted statuses are about, you guessed it, tatting. Whenever I talk to one of my distant friends, they'll chuckle and ask about my tatting. Of course it was to poke around a little bit, they don't really want to know. But my statuses get a tad noticed. One time I got a comment that said "Ur a dork".... That's something, right? I hate to put negs on the situation, but teenagers can bug. Those haters be hatin' (title reference)

So now, there can be a little prejudice on the other side as well. There was one woman who tried to put some negs on it all, "oh it's too hard, takes too long, and not very useful. Nobody does it anymore". I'm guessing she doesn't blog.

But here! This is a good place. I guess this is my point. It's a not-so-little community of like-minded people who, presumably, don't care how old I am, they just care about what I do (quite the opposite of the aforementioned situation). I've gotten such nice comments! That's one thing I've noticed, bloggers are amazing at comments. Maybe it's because they tat? I'm convinced that only nice people can tat. Okay, I'm rambling on. That'll be saved for another day.

Does this mean it's picture time? Yes!

So, I went to my aunt's house today and visited my beautiful strawberry plants and bulbs. ^_^

The crown is coming along VERY quickly! I finished the band, now I just need to do a chain around the top (that'll be real quick), then the guts (the fancy part, my favorite!).

And there's Indiana with one of my David Reed Smith shuttles (haha).

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mastering the Medium

Looking at everyone's blogs, I keep seeing things that you can click on to lead you elsewhere and AWESOME page set ups. So, I decided to learn how to do that for myself.

I revamped my page! I went a bit crazy with the fonts and everything, you can tell me if it's too much. I also filled in my "about me", although there isn't much to say about me, and added a feed for the blogs that I'm following. The most exciting thing that I figured out was the LINKSSSSSS!!! YAY! I'm behind the times, sorry.

So, in my last post ( which I'm refraining linking to, because it'll be right under here), I talked about doing a new crown. Well, I haven't particularly done too much of it. Mondays and Tuesdays are my homework days. But I feel I should leave a pic, still! So you can see that I've done a little. Actually, I've done half of the bottom rim. So that's good, I'll work more tomorrow.

Now, in the last post, I also talked about a friendship bracelet that I made. Here's another one, this one is macramé.

There's that, as well as a scar that I got when I was 8 years old from a hot glue gun. The actual metal sizzled into my skin. And then, to make matters worse, on Christmas Eve, I accidentally ripped the scab off with my shoe.... Just thought I'd share.

Ahaha...I'll leave you one that note!
Thanks for reading (:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Latenight Blogging

It's almost 3 in the morning and I just turned my computer ON because my mind is absolutely restless! I was sitting down with my notepad, trying to sketch out some doilies, so I guess that's what fueled it. I'm unbelievably happy with the doily I came up with, maybe if I'm lucky I'll get another good idea soon.

When I first joined blogspot (like a month or two ago, I had a thought that maybe I would eventually stop blogging or even logging in, but this is way addictive! I love reading everyone's posts because they, well, interest me. And then, seeing all the wonderful things people make inspires me and I just HAVE to post! It's a never ending thing, I see. And I like it!

Picture time!

It seems as though the more difficult the doily, the more effort you will put into preserving it. Honestly, blocking, starching, pinning out, whatever you call it, is my absolute favorite part of the process, because that's when you determine the creation's final appearance. Thimbles just don't work for me. Callused fingertips from playing guitar and violin, and now a spot where the pinheads are wearing it down!

A labor of love, right? <33 So, whenever I have a line up for myself, I also have a list of "fun projects", things that I don't HAVE to do, but can, although the main projects are priority. With the fair(s) coming up, I have 5 things on my line up, and also one project that I'm saving for after I finish item #2 (item 1 is already done, luckily). The aforementioned item happens to be a crown that I already did! Yup, but this time in a finer thread. You see, the LA county fair wants to be mean and not let you tat with anything thicker than size 20 thread. But I happen to be very keen on 10! I have only two threads that are 20, so for that fair I have to stock up. Anywho, this is the crown.

To see the post where I have pictures of the crown I did, click here.

This is the first and only tatting book that I have! It's not absolutely amazing because a lot of the pieces in it are not blocked very well, so the patterns are misleading. You just have to trust that it WILL turn out better than the picture. Which is good I guess, maybe it was their idea? I enjoy it a lot as there are tons of patterns.

Working, working, working....

Now for my "fun project", it's really exciting, so I haven't let myself do anything yet. I absolutely have to finish the crown first. It's kind of a recycling project. Here's my sketch.

It's going to turn out a bit bizarre, I know, that's what I'm going for! I dyed the collar part of a cut up t-shirt blue, and I'm going to tat it in white bamboo cotton thread, then dye that blue, then sew it on. I like this project because it will be a challenge!

And since I did finish item #1, I let myself make a friendship bracelet with a little macrame in the middle. ^_^

Now, for something completely unrelated to tatting, do you remember being little, looking at grownups handwriting, thinking "Wow that's so nice and neat!" I've always thought that my writing was terrible, and believe it or not I haven't really written anything in a couple years because of that. Maybe a scribbled note or something. Filled out paper. Small things. I type everything out now. But earlier, I was writing a list and noticed that my writing looks so grown up! Isn't that silly? Maybe it's because of calligraphy, or maybe just because I've gotten older. A small bit of happiness for the day, I think. The universe saying "look how far you've come!"

On this note, I will make my leave.
Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easily Excitable

I'm one of those overbearing people who are overly enthusiastic about, well, everything. Cleaning up horse poop in the middle of nowhere in July? HECK YEAH! That did happen and was super fun actually. It wasn't in July, I think it was in September, but same thing. It went well until I found out I'm allergic to horses. I didn't mean to drag my intro on this long, but being allergic to horses SUCKS. Have you ever hugged a horse?! It's the best thing on the entire planet. My face flared up, my eyes went foggy, my throat swelled, and, until I was dragged away, I continued hugging the horses. *sigh*

Well, yeah, I'm just an enthusiastic person. I started out young (still count as young I hope) because there are SO many different things in life that I want to accomplish. Everyone, it seems, has the dream of traveling around the world, but I'm content with staying here all my life. What would make me want to travel would be a trip to Mongolia to study throat singing. See? Obscure. I want to learn macrame (I just got a book from the library, so it seems achievable!! YEEEE), maybe learn to play the saxophone, small feats are what make me happy.

Tatting makes me happy, because it's a challenge. You can have been tatting for 20 years and you will still be challenged. Writing patterns is hard and it takes a good amount of creativity and experience, kind of like writing a song. Surprisingly enough, I don't tat because I like tatting, I tat because I like the end product, what it stands for, the impact it will have on someone, the rarity of it. This is why, though I'm shy, when someone asks about tatting, I will talk for hours and be the most outgoing person on the planet. This is an art, and there are people out there that are potential tatters that will absolutely love the feel of a shuttle and thread, or needle and thread, in their hands, but don't know about tatting. Sorry, I'm going on and on!

The fair is next month and I just placed my entries today. 12 are being entered. Only 7 are done (oops), but I have 4 weeks to finished them. It won't be so bad. I can't wait to see what other creations are being entered and maybe I'll get to talk to other people who tat. I fear that maybe I'll be the only tatter. I hope that isn't the case.

Since I talked about absolutely nothing, it's time for pictures! I designed my first-ever doily! I would love some feedback on it, I think it turned out nicely. Except.... I didn't double-check my math on the outside. URG. But I know exactly what I did wrong. My mom is going to help me with taking some better pictures soon. These are very makeshift.

Now for my little mistake area -______-

I'm still entering it, I'll just put the tag there.. But, before I write it out, I'm going to have to remake it.

I cannot get over how lovely this turned out. And I forgot what the book was called. I photocopied the page and I might make it again, it's so pretty!

Look at all that "tat"! As a friend calls it. ;D

Remember when I talked about revamping my wardrobe? I pulled out my old tie-dye t-shirt and decided to remake it. My grandma had the shirt for about 10 years before I was born, so that makes it nearly 30!! It's no collectors item. It's worn down, has paint stains, the collar tattered (not tatted). I wanted to make it into something I could wear with some jeans. So I laid it out.

First, I decided, to fix up the stains. Ironically, I had some peace sign stencils on hand. A while back, my grampa picked them up while we were at Joann, thinking they were iron on. So they never got used. They were perfect for my project!

The stencils worked out great. BUT, they were only good to use twice, even that was a struggle. I would have liked to do peace signs clustered all around the bottom, but this is how the universe wanted it.

Then I cut and stuff, blah blah blah, you can imagine. Here's the outcome:

Turned out okay, not amazing, but oh well.

Here are some county fair pieces I've been laboring through.

This is a really random post, sorry.

The other day, I turned my iron on to block a piece (after not tatting for about a month) and it smelled absolutely rancid, I thought maybe it was the ironing board, so I washed it (it's a mini ironing board that I keep under my desk, and here are its guts!)

Then, still it smelled. So I scrubbed down the iron til it was sparkling. STILL, it smelled. So I did some research. Mildew from water left in it while I wasn't using every day as usual. Ohhhhh. So I emptied out the water, filled it to the line with half vinegar, half water. Turned it on to the highest, left it on the counter (where nothing could bump it off, run into it, etc. Every few minutes I would do the steam "puff, puff, puff, puff....." driving people crazy. For about an hour. Then I emptied it. ALL the way. Because I don't really use water, only when I'm sewing, which I have been recently, so that explains why I had no clue what was going on. Next time, it will be emptied completely if I need to use water in it. It's back to normal, still smells a tad like vinegar, but that's quite alright. So if you get a smelly iron, you now know what to do!

Here's a project that I have yet to work on, I made a burlap book for little tatted motifs.

This has been a long post, I have two more pictures that you might like a lot. The first is my lovely poodle, Bunny, hugging her Rottweiler, Lucky, as she spends most of her day.

The second is a view from my front door, palm trees swaying in the wonderful springtime wind here! :)

I do hope you didn't mind all this nonsense and maybe enjoyed my musings.

Have a wonderful day! Week! Month! LIFE!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

County Fair Prep

I've gotten back into the groove of things with tatting, and I am in super crafty mode! Double-stitch, double-stitch, double-stitch, PICOT, etc. Over and over and over. I have six pieces prepared for the fair, and one doily that I'm not finished with but am super proud of because it's my own and I don't hate it. The deadline for the entries is today but something is wrong with the site, so I'm waiting it out. I've set up a list and time budget for the things that I haven't finished but want to enter. So I'll be tatting for quite a while.

If anyone has ever entered their tatting in the county fair, tips would be wonderful, as I never have. (:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

I've been doing an awful lot of crafting lately, and, not very surprisingly, it isn't tatting. It seems as though whenever I have a ton of stuff on my plate, it makes me crave more. So what if I'm trying to learn around five pieces a week on the violin and piano, trying to compose an album on the guitar, have countless knitting projects to complete, three county fairs coming up, a poodle that is in my face EVERY SECOND, tons and tons and tons (did I mention tons?) of homework every week, a mother that would have me sewing every moment if possible, and a dwindling social life. I still want more! So these are some projects I'm working on or recently finished ;D.

Admittedly, I am a very contrary person (Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?... It doesn't in Southern California, unfortunately.) Whereas so many women, and quite a few men here, LOVE clothes and even if it means saving for a little while, they'll get those Chanel leg-warmers, or whatever people are into these days, I'm not a fan, frankly! Or until the next best thing. My mom is like that. Her closet is filled to the brim with suits and dresses that may never wear again, though she won't admit it. I don't really care about having trendy clothes. I'm a huge fan of good, old-fashioned jeans and a T-shirt. Getting older, I always thought "one day I'll be really neat with my clothes and look perfect everyday" It seems like something that comes with age. Well, I'm grown now, and I still like "easy" clothes. By easy, I mean things that you can throw on and look alright. Now here's my point. Recently, I came to the conclusion that my fancy days may never come, so I might as well put some love into my "easy" clothes. For the next however-long-it-takes, I'll be revamping my wardrobe. I.E. Bedazzling, painting, tatting, cutting, chopping, sewing, OH YEAH! Those words get me really excited! Do they excite you too?! AGHHHHHH!!! Maybe it's just me, actually...

Anyway, for my first project, I did some painting! These are jeans that I didn't really love, I mean, they're GREY and like $20 dollars from Forever 21. Since I didn't especially love them, it was easy to work with them, because, worst case scenario, they become dirty-job pants. I wanted to do something floral and with paint. Since I haven't painted in ages. So I Googled "floral pattern" This is the one I really liked.

I sketched it out with a chalk thing for sewing onto my jeans and when I was happy with it, I traced over the lines with black acrylic paint.

After that, I started painting! YAY! I took some time with everything, fading colors and such, very lightly so that the fabric wouldn't be too stiff.

And the end result! YAY! What do you think? I read some things online about using acrylic and lot of sources say it'll be okay, then some say it'll all peel off. I've gotten acrylic paint on my clothes as a child, and it's still stuck of them! I think that even if it crackles or fades, it'll look awesome, just more aged. ^_^

Then, I had to do stupid card things for a project. For this one, I used little dollar stamps from JoAnn. If you're standing there in the checkout line near those dollar racks, look for them! They're super cute. I use paint with them so they don't look as crisp, I like the aged look. But they have tonssss. They are usually in little packets of like 3, but sometimes the packets are bigger with a lot in there. They're seasonal, so I stock up when I can because they definitely come in handy. I got one of their ink pads once to try it. It was really weak, so I'll just stick to the little stamps, thanks! The fabric flowers and butterfly were from this gorgeoussss fabric that I used for a jumper type thing for my mom. It was perfect for decoupage, as you see, and I have a lot left over.

Now this one didn't come out so great, but I tried! I used acrylic paint and more rubber stamps. All of them were from the dollar packets.

Now, last but not least. I was going through my closet, out of boredom, and I found a stack of canvas type fabrics that I must have gotten 4 years ago. There used to be an upholstery store near my mom's flower shop and they would get rid of huge sample books of pretty fabric, I have tons of the books somewhere, but I just happened to have these in my closet (must be a sign!). Also, I found my hexagon quilting template! YEEEEE.... Definitely a sign! So, I cut, cut, cut away, and here's it all laid out. The front part will be finished tomorrow maybe, then I need to find a backing. I think this will look really cute on my bed, to fend off animal hair, because it's quite small.

This has been an exceptionally long post about nothing to do with tatting! Fret not, for more tatting will be posted soon! I do hope you didn't mind my randomness.

Talk soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's dawned on me that I haven't posted pictures of my new shuttles!AGHHH what's gotten into me?! About a month or two ago I ordered two shuttles that I talked about in another post from David Reed Smith. Well, they came and they're absolutely beautiful. In the earlier post I wrote all the specs, so I'll just post a picture here >

I'm really happy with them. They were around 24 dollars each, which is an awesome price for handmade shuttles (good luck finding too many of them online for that price!). I got them with brass hooks on the tip and it works superbly, so unlike with the usual point on shuttles, it never gets all twisted and weird when you're joining. I usually use size 10 crochet cotton, and I'll have to say that his shuttles are a little tight, so it's much better with a finer thread. They smell really good, strange thing to say, but they do. He burned, I think burned, my name into the middle part and it looks really nice. Although, I am a conceited person and think my name looks cool in anyone's writing, except for my own. Even though I'm terrified of losing them and may not use them very much, they are my favorites, quite useful, and I'm sure my family will have them for generations. Highly recommended! Oh, and he finished them VERY quickly! It took like ten days total from me sending my payment to receiving them.

From an earlier post on guitar picks, you can tell that I LOVE making them. It's so easy and they're so unique. Well, for a while I've been really wanting to get my hands on some Starbucks cards because they're SO pretty, some are clear, and all are equally strong, so they're very good pick material. The other day we were in a Starbucks and I decided to try the red velvet cupcake that I had been eying for a while. It looks amazing, if you haven't seen it. I don't mean to sound rude, but it was simply terrible. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT GET IT. Since it was an absolute waste of like 4 dollars, I didn't mind when, after leaving, my brother pulled out one of every type of gift card they have. I consider the debt repaid and forgive the horrible cupcake. I made a good amount of beautiful and useful picks. Now, the other day I was freaking out because it seems I've lost ALL my earrings, except the rings I've been wearing, in the move. URGHHHHH!!! So I decided to make some earrings out of picks! What do you think?

Oh, how I drag on with my stories. I also made a smallish, but very time-consuming doily, as a gift. BUT, being the Anika that I am, I didn't think to photograph it on something other than my cat -_-... So I'll show you the cat picture. Don't be grossed out, I wasn't done and DID wash and starch the doily before giving it!

I've been taking a lot of pictures of my cat, Darla, lately.. Hmm. She's just so darn cute!

Oh my isn't she lovely ;D

I'll leave you on that note! A super-mega-awesome-fantastic doily will be posted soon.. I think...

Bye (: <333