Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

I've been doing an awful lot of crafting lately, and, not very surprisingly, it isn't tatting. It seems as though whenever I have a ton of stuff on my plate, it makes me crave more. So what if I'm trying to learn around five pieces a week on the violin and piano, trying to compose an album on the guitar, have countless knitting projects to complete, three county fairs coming up, a poodle that is in my face EVERY SECOND, tons and tons and tons (did I mention tons?) of homework every week, a mother that would have me sewing every moment if possible, and a dwindling social life. I still want more! So these are some projects I'm working on or recently finished ;D.

Admittedly, I am a very contrary person (Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?... It doesn't in Southern California, unfortunately.) Whereas so many women, and quite a few men here, LOVE clothes and even if it means saving for a little while, they'll get those Chanel leg-warmers, or whatever people are into these days, I'm not a fan, frankly! Or until the next best thing. My mom is like that. Her closet is filled to the brim with suits and dresses that may never wear again, though she won't admit it. I don't really care about having trendy clothes. I'm a huge fan of good, old-fashioned jeans and a T-shirt. Getting older, I always thought "one day I'll be really neat with my clothes and look perfect everyday" It seems like something that comes with age. Well, I'm grown now, and I still like "easy" clothes. By easy, I mean things that you can throw on and look alright. Now here's my point. Recently, I came to the conclusion that my fancy days may never come, so I might as well put some love into my "easy" clothes. For the next however-long-it-takes, I'll be revamping my wardrobe. I.E. Bedazzling, painting, tatting, cutting, chopping, sewing, OH YEAH! Those words get me really excited! Do they excite you too?! AGHHHHHH!!! Maybe it's just me, actually...

Anyway, for my first project, I did some painting! These are jeans that I didn't really love, I mean, they're GREY and like $20 dollars from Forever 21. Since I didn't especially love them, it was easy to work with them, because, worst case scenario, they become dirty-job pants. I wanted to do something floral and with paint. Since I haven't painted in ages. So I Googled "floral pattern" This is the one I really liked.

I sketched it out with a chalk thing for sewing onto my jeans and when I was happy with it, I traced over the lines with black acrylic paint.

After that, I started painting! YAY! I took some time with everything, fading colors and such, very lightly so that the fabric wouldn't be too stiff.

And the end result! YAY! What do you think? I read some things online about using acrylic and lot of sources say it'll be okay, then some say it'll all peel off. I've gotten acrylic paint on my clothes as a child, and it's still stuck of them! I think that even if it crackles or fades, it'll look awesome, just more aged. ^_^

Then, I had to do stupid card things for a project. For this one, I used little dollar stamps from JoAnn. If you're standing there in the checkout line near those dollar racks, look for them! They're super cute. I use paint with them so they don't look as crisp, I like the aged look. But they have tonssss. They are usually in little packets of like 3, but sometimes the packets are bigger with a lot in there. They're seasonal, so I stock up when I can because they definitely come in handy. I got one of their ink pads once to try it. It was really weak, so I'll just stick to the little stamps, thanks! The fabric flowers and butterfly were from this gorgeoussss fabric that I used for a jumper type thing for my mom. It was perfect for decoupage, as you see, and I have a lot left over.

Now this one didn't come out so great, but I tried! I used acrylic paint and more rubber stamps. All of them were from the dollar packets.

Now, last but not least. I was going through my closet, out of boredom, and I found a stack of canvas type fabrics that I must have gotten 4 years ago. There used to be an upholstery store near my mom's flower shop and they would get rid of huge sample books of pretty fabric, I have tons of the books somewhere, but I just happened to have these in my closet (must be a sign!). Also, I found my hexagon quilting template! YEEEEE.... Definitely a sign! So, I cut, cut, cut away, and here's it all laid out. The front part will be finished tomorrow maybe, then I need to find a backing. I think this will look really cute on my bed, to fend off animal hair, because it's quite small.

This has been an exceptionally long post about nothing to do with tatting! Fret not, for more tatting will be posted soon! I do hope you didn't mind my randomness.

Talk soon!

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