Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easily Excitable

I'm one of those overbearing people who are overly enthusiastic about, well, everything. Cleaning up horse poop in the middle of nowhere in July? HECK YEAH! That did happen and was super fun actually. It wasn't in July, I think it was in September, but same thing. It went well until I found out I'm allergic to horses. I didn't mean to drag my intro on this long, but being allergic to horses SUCKS. Have you ever hugged a horse?! It's the best thing on the entire planet. My face flared up, my eyes went foggy, my throat swelled, and, until I was dragged away, I continued hugging the horses. *sigh*

Well, yeah, I'm just an enthusiastic person. I started out young (still count as young I hope) because there are SO many different things in life that I want to accomplish. Everyone, it seems, has the dream of traveling around the world, but I'm content with staying here all my life. What would make me want to travel would be a trip to Mongolia to study throat singing. See? Obscure. I want to learn macrame (I just got a book from the library, so it seems achievable!! YEEEE), maybe learn to play the saxophone, small feats are what make me happy.

Tatting makes me happy, because it's a challenge. You can have been tatting for 20 years and you will still be challenged. Writing patterns is hard and it takes a good amount of creativity and experience, kind of like writing a song. Surprisingly enough, I don't tat because I like tatting, I tat because I like the end product, what it stands for, the impact it will have on someone, the rarity of it. This is why, though I'm shy, when someone asks about tatting, I will talk for hours and be the most outgoing person on the planet. This is an art, and there are people out there that are potential tatters that will absolutely love the feel of a shuttle and thread, or needle and thread, in their hands, but don't know about tatting. Sorry, I'm going on and on!

The fair is next month and I just placed my entries today. 12 are being entered. Only 7 are done (oops), but I have 4 weeks to finished them. It won't be so bad. I can't wait to see what other creations are being entered and maybe I'll get to talk to other people who tat. I fear that maybe I'll be the only tatter. I hope that isn't the case.

Since I talked about absolutely nothing, it's time for pictures! I designed my first-ever doily! I would love some feedback on it, I think it turned out nicely. Except.... I didn't double-check my math on the outside. URG. But I know exactly what I did wrong. My mom is going to help me with taking some better pictures soon. These are very makeshift.

Now for my little mistake area -______-

I'm still entering it, I'll just put the tag there.. But, before I write it out, I'm going to have to remake it.

I cannot get over how lovely this turned out. And I forgot what the book was called. I photocopied the page and I might make it again, it's so pretty!

Look at all that "tat"! As a friend calls it. ;D

Remember when I talked about revamping my wardrobe? I pulled out my old tie-dye t-shirt and decided to remake it. My grandma had the shirt for about 10 years before I was born, so that makes it nearly 30!! It's no collectors item. It's worn down, has paint stains, the collar tattered (not tatted). I wanted to make it into something I could wear with some jeans. So I laid it out.

First, I decided, to fix up the stains. Ironically, I had some peace sign stencils on hand. A while back, my grampa picked them up while we were at Joann, thinking they were iron on. So they never got used. They were perfect for my project!

The stencils worked out great. BUT, they were only good to use twice, even that was a struggle. I would have liked to do peace signs clustered all around the bottom, but this is how the universe wanted it.

Then I cut and stuff, blah blah blah, you can imagine. Here's the outcome:

Turned out okay, not amazing, but oh well.

Here are some county fair pieces I've been laboring through.

This is a really random post, sorry.

The other day, I turned my iron on to block a piece (after not tatting for about a month) and it smelled absolutely rancid, I thought maybe it was the ironing board, so I washed it (it's a mini ironing board that I keep under my desk, and here are its guts!)

Then, still it smelled. So I scrubbed down the iron til it was sparkling. STILL, it smelled. So I did some research. Mildew from water left in it while I wasn't using every day as usual. Ohhhhh. So I emptied out the water, filled it to the line with half vinegar, half water. Turned it on to the highest, left it on the counter (where nothing could bump it off, run into it, etc. Every few minutes I would do the steam "puff, puff, puff, puff....." driving people crazy. For about an hour. Then I emptied it. ALL the way. Because I don't really use water, only when I'm sewing, which I have been recently, so that explains why I had no clue what was going on. Next time, it will be emptied completely if I need to use water in it. It's back to normal, still smells a tad like vinegar, but that's quite alright. So if you get a smelly iron, you now know what to do!

Here's a project that I have yet to work on, I made a burlap book for little tatted motifs.

This has been a long post, I have two more pictures that you might like a lot. The first is my lovely poodle, Bunny, hugging her Rottweiler, Lucky, as she spends most of her day.

The second is a view from my front door, palm trees swaying in the wonderful springtime wind here! :)

I do hope you didn't mind all this nonsense and maybe enjoyed my musings.

Have a wonderful day! Week! Month! LIFE!


  1. Whew! I did make it through all that! Great design on the doily. I look forward to a pic that shows it all. Good luck on your Fair entries. The shirt turned out great. Even though I'm of the "flower power" generation, I never did have anything tie-dyed. No particular reason why - just didn't. One of my sons has several tie-dyed shirts though.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you fill up your sample book too. I've been tatting for 14 years now and have yet to find a way of saving my test tats and single motifs in a way that works for me. I have to admit I'm not disciplined enough to put them in a book, even a binder. They go in, they go out, forget to put them back in....and so it goes.

  2. Thank you for your comment! ^_^ makes me happy. The sample book does seem like one of the hardest things to put together, being that I usually tat pieces that are quite large, or are gifts. I figure that after the county fairs (all three!) the smaller pieces can retire to the book. I'm sure it'll come together at some point.

  3. I'm so glad you found my blog, because now I've found yours! Your enthusiasm is evident in your writing, and I'll be visiting often. I love your doily! Congratulations on being able to design. That's a challenge in itself!

  4. Wow! Love the doily.
    Fox : )