Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haters be Hatin'

Maybe not the best title for a tatting blog, but appropriate for what I want to open with. I think it's obvious that I'm pretty young, 17 years and 177 days old to be exact. I've got to say, that, though most teenagers aren't stereotypical, they are as a group. In my Facebook news feed, there are posts about concerts and new piercings and pageants (LOTS of pageant people) and fury-provoked statuses where a preteen girl will put down another one. Honestly, I'm not like that. My rarely posted statuses are about, you guessed it, tatting. Whenever I talk to one of my distant friends, they'll chuckle and ask about my tatting. Of course it was to poke around a little bit, they don't really want to know. But my statuses get a tad noticed. One time I got a comment that said "Ur a dork".... That's something, right? I hate to put negs on the situation, but teenagers can bug. Those haters be hatin' (title reference)

So now, there can be a little prejudice on the other side as well. There was one woman who tried to put some negs on it all, "oh it's too hard, takes too long, and not very useful. Nobody does it anymore". I'm guessing she doesn't blog.

But here! This is a good place. I guess this is my point. It's a not-so-little community of like-minded people who, presumably, don't care how old I am, they just care about what I do (quite the opposite of the aforementioned situation). I've gotten such nice comments! That's one thing I've noticed, bloggers are amazing at comments. Maybe it's because they tat? I'm convinced that only nice people can tat. Okay, I'm rambling on. That'll be saved for another day.

Does this mean it's picture time? Yes!

So, I went to my aunt's house today and visited my beautiful strawberry plants and bulbs. ^_^

The crown is coming along VERY quickly! I finished the band, now I just need to do a chain around the top (that'll be real quick), then the guts (the fancy part, my favorite!).

And there's Indiana with one of my David Reed Smith shuttles (haha).

Have a nice day!


  1. I'm out of the loop - teenage-wise - because my kids now have kids! But, I do know one thing for sure: you are absolutely right.

    Tat-land is full of generous, kind folks of all colours and creeds; ages and political peculiarities, movie preference and fashion sense and we are all terrific! You are going to love it here!
    ♥ Fox : )

  2. I totally agree with Fox! Oh, how I wish I had known how to tat when I was 17 years and 177 days! Think of how much beautiful lace I could have made! Your crown is looking beautiful. Now I'm thinking, if a 17 year old can make a crown, why can't a 58 year old? Thanks for the inspiration!