Monday, March 28, 2011

Latenight Blogging

It's almost 3 in the morning and I just turned my computer ON because my mind is absolutely restless! I was sitting down with my notepad, trying to sketch out some doilies, so I guess that's what fueled it. I'm unbelievably happy with the doily I came up with, maybe if I'm lucky I'll get another good idea soon.

When I first joined blogspot (like a month or two ago, I had a thought that maybe I would eventually stop blogging or even logging in, but this is way addictive! I love reading everyone's posts because they, well, interest me. And then, seeing all the wonderful things people make inspires me and I just HAVE to post! It's a never ending thing, I see. And I like it!

Picture time!

It seems as though the more difficult the doily, the more effort you will put into preserving it. Honestly, blocking, starching, pinning out, whatever you call it, is my absolute favorite part of the process, because that's when you determine the creation's final appearance. Thimbles just don't work for me. Callused fingertips from playing guitar and violin, and now a spot where the pinheads are wearing it down!

A labor of love, right? <33 So, whenever I have a line up for myself, I also have a list of "fun projects", things that I don't HAVE to do, but can, although the main projects are priority. With the fair(s) coming up, I have 5 things on my line up, and also one project that I'm saving for after I finish item #2 (item 1 is already done, luckily). The aforementioned item happens to be a crown that I already did! Yup, but this time in a finer thread. You see, the LA county fair wants to be mean and not let you tat with anything thicker than size 20 thread. But I happen to be very keen on 10! I have only two threads that are 20, so for that fair I have to stock up. Anywho, this is the crown.

To see the post where I have pictures of the crown I did, click here.

This is the first and only tatting book that I have! It's not absolutely amazing because a lot of the pieces in it are not blocked very well, so the patterns are misleading. You just have to trust that it WILL turn out better than the picture. Which is good I guess, maybe it was their idea? I enjoy it a lot as there are tons of patterns.

Working, working, working....

Now for my "fun project", it's really exciting, so I haven't let myself do anything yet. I absolutely have to finish the crown first. It's kind of a recycling project. Here's my sketch.

It's going to turn out a bit bizarre, I know, that's what I'm going for! I dyed the collar part of a cut up t-shirt blue, and I'm going to tat it in white bamboo cotton thread, then dye that blue, then sew it on. I like this project because it will be a challenge!

And since I did finish item #1, I let myself make a friendship bracelet with a little macrame in the middle. ^_^

Now, for something completely unrelated to tatting, do you remember being little, looking at grownups handwriting, thinking "Wow that's so nice and neat!" I've always thought that my writing was terrible, and believe it or not I haven't really written anything in a couple years because of that. Maybe a scribbled note or something. Filled out paper. Small things. I type everything out now. But earlier, I was writing a list and noticed that my writing looks so grown up! Isn't that silly? Maybe it's because of calligraphy, or maybe just because I've gotten older. A small bit of happiness for the day, I think. The universe saying "look how far you've come!"

On this note, I will make my leave.
Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!


  1. That was one of my first tatting books, if not the first. I agree, the pieces I have tatted look better than the pictures, and I believe it's because of my blocking. However, I also think the photography, threads, and blocking supplies back then were not as refined as they are today.

    I chuckled when I read your comment about the thread! I'm working with size 20 now, and I feel like I'm tatting with a heavy cord! It's all in what you get used to. After doing a few pieces in size 20, you may find 10 to be too bulky for your taste. Time will tell!

  2. That book was also one of my first books. It does have many wonderul things in it. I think you did a wonderful job on the crown. Best way to get to use finner threads is to tat a few things in the next size smaller thread. When you are used to that size go to the next smaller size and so on. You will soon be using #80 and loving it. Can't wait to see what your next project will be. Happy tatting.

  3. The tatted crown looks wonderful! I'm sure you are on your way to tatting more fun and even better looking items. Have fun at the fair.

  4. I've just recently been browsing through tatting blogs and I saw pieces the size of quarters! So tiny! I'm just hooked on the chunky look of 10, I guess. The thread on Etsy is so pretty though, I want to get some 40.

    Thanks for all the nice comments! ^_^

  5. I am so impressed with that crown! Lovely tatting.
    Fox : )