Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's dawned on me that I haven't posted pictures of my new shuttles!AGHHH what's gotten into me?! About a month or two ago I ordered two shuttles that I talked about in another post from David Reed Smith. Well, they came and they're absolutely beautiful. In the earlier post I wrote all the specs, so I'll just post a picture here >

I'm really happy with them. They were around 24 dollars each, which is an awesome price for handmade shuttles (good luck finding too many of them online for that price!). I got them with brass hooks on the tip and it works superbly, so unlike with the usual point on shuttles, it never gets all twisted and weird when you're joining. I usually use size 10 crochet cotton, and I'll have to say that his shuttles are a little tight, so it's much better with a finer thread. They smell really good, strange thing to say, but they do. He burned, I think burned, my name into the middle part and it looks really nice. Although, I am a conceited person and think my name looks cool in anyone's writing, except for my own. Even though I'm terrified of losing them and may not use them very much, they are my favorites, quite useful, and I'm sure my family will have them for generations. Highly recommended! Oh, and he finished them VERY quickly! It took like ten days total from me sending my payment to receiving them.

From an earlier post on guitar picks, you can tell that I LOVE making them. It's so easy and they're so unique. Well, for a while I've been really wanting to get my hands on some Starbucks cards because they're SO pretty, some are clear, and all are equally strong, so they're very good pick material. The other day we were in a Starbucks and I decided to try the red velvet cupcake that I had been eying for a while. It looks amazing, if you haven't seen it. I don't mean to sound rude, but it was simply terrible. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT GET IT. Since it was an absolute waste of like 4 dollars, I didn't mind when, after leaving, my brother pulled out one of every type of gift card they have. I consider the debt repaid and forgive the horrible cupcake. I made a good amount of beautiful and useful picks. Now, the other day I was freaking out because it seems I've lost ALL my earrings, except the rings I've been wearing, in the move. URGHHHHH!!! So I decided to make some earrings out of picks! What do you think?

Oh, how I drag on with my stories. I also made a smallish, but very time-consuming doily, as a gift. BUT, being the Anika that I am, I didn't think to photograph it on something other than my cat -_-... So I'll show you the cat picture. Don't be grossed out, I wasn't done and DID wash and starch the doily before giving it!

I've been taking a lot of pictures of my cat, Darla, lately.. Hmm. She's just so darn cute!

Oh my isn't she lovely ;D

I'll leave you on that note! A super-mega-awesome-fantastic doily will be posted soon.. I think...

Bye (: <333

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