Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy Doing Nothing....

These days, I feel so exhausted, but honestly I can't remember what I've been doing... Hmm. Cleaned my room, maybe that's it. Nah. Strange! So, about the fair, my mom expressed her concerns about how the pieces were displayed. In the children's display building, the crafts are just laid out on tables because it's unlikely that someone will steal a little kid's Popsicle stick creation, and a little bit of touching isn't going to wreck it. BUT (always a but!) that's where my pieces were intended on going because, as I mentioned, I have to be in the children's categories because someone, *cough cough* mom, told them how old I am. She informed me of this yesterday and I nearly had a heart attack! I've got nothing against kids, but everyone knows that they touch absolutely everything (dogs, dirt, doorknobs, floors, goats, rabbits, cats, all animals, and some pick their noses). *shudders* This was definitely a problem.

I had my mom call this morning to ask about the cases, maybe she didn't know for sure, or, perhaps, they were just put there for a little? Eh? Wishful thinking. For now, my work is in one of the lady's offices. So, she called the fairgrounds and said that she wanted to pick the pieces up because there's an art show in a couple weeks and the fair doesn't start for a month. Supposedly, the lady was really opposed to this idea and made my mom promise to bring it all back for the fair, it seems as though the tatting has struck a chord with a lot of the fair workers. This caught my mom very off guard and now the plan is to go pick them up, do the show (with more pieces that I have to do), and bring them back with our own cases. Confusing, and a little stressful, but all is well! It'll work out fine I'm sure.

On a more exciting note, I got the Handy Hands catalog! YAY! I nearly hyperventilated.... So much tatting stuff! The eggs from there wouldn't get here in time, but, luckily, I have around 10 blown out eggs to work on. Next year, and soon, I'll have to order some things.

Random pictures!

Easter pins:

Wild Kitty (Darla!):

Wiggly Poodle (Bunny) saw the camera so started to act like a weirdo!:

Nearly empty drawer *cries* all my tat is on a business trip:

Attempted crocheting to use up the size 10 thread. Wayyyy boring :-/, so I'll have to find something else *sigh*

And finally! I guess this is what I've been up to, an elderly classical guitar, just came back from the shop with new turny-things and strings:

Random pictures, I know. I've got nothing better!
But but but, I've been working on some patterns and I'll put those up soon!

Sorry for how abstract this had been, hopefully it entertained you a little.

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