Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Edgings, edgings everywhere!

Today, I've been a little slow with everything crafty, for no particular reason. I did work a little bit on the edging for the sampler book though. It's going to look pretty nice.

My mom brought me a handkerchief that looks pretty old. She found it in my grandparents house. I wish that that I could read what company made it and possibly the date. The writing looks Japanese, but I could be wrong.

I couldn't rotate it for some reason, but if you know what it says, please tell me! The design is really pretty.

The creases were very set in, and, on the silk setting, I did have to use a little starch spray with some cotton jersey in between. FINALLY, the creases came out mostly, I might do it again later.

I think I might do an edging around it, but I want to find a thread that I really love. Maybe a multicolored reddish, orange-ish, yellowish. We'll see.

There's my post for the day! Maybe tomorrow's will be more interesting! (:

Have a nice day <3

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