Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finished Title and MORE THREAD? O:

I don't know what happened to my schedule in the first place, but for the past few days, I've been in the habit of staying up until 7 am and waking up at around 5 pm. The waking up part was the worst because the day would be gone and by that time, it's HOT in my room. Usually the heat was the reason I would wake up. So I decided to stay up all of yesterday, go to sleep about maybe 7 pm, get up early, and have a good day at school (I only go once a week). Of course this didn't quite happen. I crashed around 4 pm, and I guess I did get up early for the day ahead, if you think about it. As in 11 pm. *sigh* So another tired day on the way!

In my late night or two, I did finish the edging around the title! Yay! And I don't I'll add anything more to the cover.

Yesterday, though I was dead-tired, we went to JoAnn and I got more Lizbeth. I need a few colors for the county fair that I didn't have in 20. Because now that I've gotten used to 20, 10 is impossible. It's so bulky and messy! Plus, you can hold a lot more 20 on your shuttle and it tats out smoother. I ended up getting 7 colors, so now I have every color JoAnn sells in Lizbeth. Honestly, that's a little disappointing, there aren't enough basic colors available. *cries* okay okay! I'll quit my whining!

You'll notice that the last color(s) matches the handkerchief perfectly, so I'll start on an edging for it after the county fairs pieces, since the deadline is quickly approaching.

Sadly, as I was taking the thread pictures, my camera decided to conk out! Hopefully I can get a battery soon, pictures are necessary!

Thanks for reading (:

P.S. Thanks so much for the awesome comments I've been getting!

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