Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hiding Strings and Home Sweet Home

I'm home! Yay! I was at my aunt's house for only three nights, but I accomplished so much. There, I have a room (kinda, it's the loft, and becomes a guest room once every couple years for about a week), and it's pretty away from everyone, so I can really focus. I stayed up until 7ish each night tatting nonstop and watching cartoons on Hulu. There's something comforting about falling asleep to the breaking dawn (twilight reference? ehh).

AND, I finished the crown ^_^
Drum roll please?

And ta-da! there it is.

Care to see it smashed?

Believe it or not, but this picture was taken maybe 10 minutes after the last. Unfortunate, but easily fixable. Don't ask how it happened, because I'm not quite sure. I look at the table and it was gone, and I found it under a pillow on my bed. Weird, right?

Blocking this type of thing is a pain. Here's what I did.
I got a hand towel and folded it so that it would be thick enough to prevent heat going to the other side and thin enough to fit in the crown. Since I had a jar that the crown would fit in, this was just to get everything to lay flat. I sprayed an individual section with starch, covered it with some cotton, then ironed. Keeping it pinned, I blow dried it so that the placement would stick while being moved around, and for some added heat. Then I tied a different colored thread loosely at the beginning.

Here's how it looked after I did that.

Here's the jar that I found. The crown fits PERFECTLY around it! What luck!

I made sure everything was laying right and sprayed it heavily with starch then patted it to remove excess and blow dried closely. The heat from the blow drier set it into shape.

Then, I let it sit for maybe an hour to thoroughly dry and I carefully removed it. I tatted this crown more tightly than the last and I think it will do fine without the glue bath I made last time.

Of course, while feeling proud of myself, the iron decides to put me in my place and burn my leg... It hurt like a bad word, I tell you what (King of the Hill reference)! But isn't very bad, luckily. It'll leave a gnarly scar. Of course I took a picture for y'all. And the scar in the corner is one I got in fifth grade. I had really thick jeans on and when this girl pushed me while running, the asphalt burnt through them and a thick layer of skin.

Since I didn't have my list of projects, I made some little motifs from the tatting book in pretty colors.

I always hate to waste thread (especially pretty thread), and there always is some left. I've started making little "flowers out of them". It eats the thread up and looks really cute. They can go on anything! I might use them on the cover of my sample book. Oh and the designs above are for the book (: The rings I just made randomly, and it looks funky when they're different sizes!

Here's another crown pic

Hope you enjoyed this post! Many more in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Oh, to be young and have the ability to stay up all night tatting! My eyes and my wrist usually give out by 8:30, and I'm off to bed by 9. However, I am up around 5 a.m. every day. I do enjoy the dawn's early light!

    The crown is beautiful! Thanks for the thorough explanation of how you blocked it. I'm not sure I'd have thought of your process!

  2. Amazing crown! It is beautiful and BIG congrats on the absence of glue!

    You got a lot of pretty things tatted. Thanks for the show!
    Fox : )

  3. Where there is a will, there is a way! Different way of blocking a beautiful piece of tatting. Thanks for sharing it with us in Tatland. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your next project.

  4. What size thread did you use for your crown? Its beautiful!