Friday, April 29, 2011

In the Blogging Mood

That, I am not. I don't remember the last date I posted on, but it seems like very long ago. After the county fair stuff, I just haven't been in the tatting mood. I did do a little bit, and that you will see. I have quite a few pictures for you now, but not all are tatting related, so bear with me. My last post was simply a picture of the handkerchief that I'm working on, and I haven't done ANY! I'm sure that I'll get my head back in the game soon enough, so not to worry. The problem is that I promised myself I would finish it soon because I will be doing another in a little while and I refuse to be working on two of the same project at once. Now here are some crazy pictures.

The first, and my most proud, is from a ball of absolutely luxurious yarn that a friend gave me. It was just one ball, so it wasn't going to be anything huge, so I thought a neck scarf type thing would fit the bill and I came up with this.

Now, here are the bookmarks for the exchange! I'll be sending them next week.

And the progress of the "big piece" I'm doing. Not very much, but I think it might work out.

This is a scarf that is in progress, just not very much of it.

Another scarf that is more like a shawl. I'll post another picture that is taken during the day. It's very web-like and luxurious. I only wish that I could take a picture that would portray the softness of this. And because I'm using those giant needles, it's going very fast!

And, this is my attempt at amiguri, which is a very simple-looking, cutesy crochet that is done to create little objects. I was in a crocheting mood and decided to try. It didn't turn out the best, but I'm quite sure that my next try will be a lot better!

Never before did I think that being reclusive would pay off. I was at Joann getting buttons and thread the other day, and when making my way to the counter, I don't usually go down the clear hall, I go around all the shelves. There were a lot of people in the path, and I didn't want to deal with it. I ran into the purse-making aisle. Little bits looked curious, and I found these little rings! They reminded me of the frivolite tutorial on youtube as well as the projects that Fox is always doing, and decided to try my hand at it. A quick referral to the video and I'm really like it! Now to come up with an idea.. Hmmm....

Now for the last picture. My mom is making me participate in an art show where a lot of people go and, often times, things will get bought. I had a hard time trying to convince her that I really REALLY don't want to sell anything tatted. Many of the things I make take me hours, and people don't like paying much for tatting. To them, it's just pretty thread! I protested the idea for probably an hour and it seems as though it was in one ear and out the other, for, apparently, I was tired and not to be taken seriously. But, I'm not tired now and it still seems rather annoying. So I've decided to just do little things, like bookmarks, pendents, and earrings. *sigh* These will be earrings I suppose.

I hope the pictures were alright. I am scarcely awake during the day, and when I am, I'm playing violin (darn neighbors), so, often, I have to take pictures at night, when I do most of my work. I used faux fur for the background, next time it will be more bearable, and stepping back, I realize the franticity (that's not actually a word) of the situation.

That's all I have for today. Some awesomely exciting things are coming up! You'll see.


P.S. I looked at my post, and some of the pictures are upside down! Weird.

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