Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Rarely do I allow myself to feel overly confident or too proud. Tatting is one of those rare things, if not the only thing, that I allow myself to be proud of once in a while. And now is one of those times I suppose. I FINALLY tatted an edging for the handkerchief!

Not the greatest picture on the planet because of the lighting and the fact that the fabric is very silky (it IS silk). I've never done a handkerchief, so this was a first and I've got to admit, it was great(the tatting part I mean)! The edging was very fast, luckily. I started it last night and the the whole thing was finished earlier tonight. 44 inches of lace!

The next one I do might have more elaborate edging and a better knowledge of the whole attachment thing, but I'm proud of this one. I'm sure my grandpa would be too, or maybe is, if he's still roaming around.

The reason I went off for a couple days (hardly tragic) started out because of my camera battery, but then I remembered that my county fair deadline is on Friday! AGH. I went into super hulu-watching, mega-tatting mode and I finished this.

Looks nice, right? Well, I have some problems with this pattern. It's from the oldschool "Tatting Patterns and Designs". The book is great, don't get me wrong, but some of it is, erm, kind of lazy. Like this.

Look hard. You'll see that there is an extra ring attached to a pattern section and it looks wayyyy off. Yeah, it's supposed to be like that. And the row where you do two rings, then a chain that goes over it and connects to the top picot of the ring (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, it looks so cool!) doesn't account for the chains in the first two rows. So, unless you like squeezing your chains real tight, the blocking is a pain.

Okay I'm being a complainer today. Stressed I guess. I do love how it turned out, and I do love that book to death, some of the motifs are great.

This is all I've been up to!

Have a nice day!(:

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