Friday, April 1, 2011

National Tatting Day?!

Why was I not told of this. I've read various mentions of tatting and chocolate eating, which, by some coincidence, I did do! I just found out about Reese's "Crispy Crunchy" bar. OMG yum... It's 500 calories (300 from fat) of pure awesome. It's like a combination of a Reese's peanut butter cup, a butterfinger, and a payday, but only the best qualities of each. Okay, not related at ALL to my topic. So, if I had known that it was a special tatting day, I definitely would have done something big. Next year I shall. I have a feeling that April will be a great month.

Today was so productive, yet so unproductive. I'm more than halfway done with the main part of the crown. But no more pictures of that! Not until it's done. 1) it looks super messy and 2)I want it to be a surprise. I'll be done pretty soon.

I DO have pictures for you though! Little bits of Spring in SoCal

I hope those entertained you a little!
Thanks for reading <3 Post Script: I probably should start putting my needles in safer places...


  1. I hope you enjoyed International Tatting Day! How about a nice pin cushion decorated with tatting? There are so many possibilities!

  2. ... or a needlebook with tatted edgings!
    Diane is correct... so many possibilities!

    I love blooming nature! Thanks for sharing your bit of your world!

  3. Love flower pics!

    I wanted to mention the other day when you noted you were a "young" tatter - we've had a few others who were as young as you who were also very talented and used their tatting to help pay for college. There are some who don't have blogs who have done something similar that I've met at Tat Days. One of the blogs in my sidebar, Allison, was just in high school last year, in college this year. I wonder if anyone has heard from Samantha? She designed a book of patterns which I think can still be found on a few sites for sale. Just wanted you to know that we love having young tatters and will suppport your ventures whole heartedly!