Friday, April 22, 2011


Throughout my short life, I've acquired an awful lot of Stuff. Cool little things that I may never need, but will certainly never see again. In this collection is a student ID that I found in the street, little lead figures that could stand on a quarter, a tiny notebook that has a game of tic tac toe in it that I played with one of my idols, and many other things, most notably, a baggy of shark teeth. The baggy had been drifting around for a while, and just recently, it really caught my eye. My grandpa found them, I believe, a very long time ago. He had strange friends, and I guess he was informed of this place where there were just loads of shark teeth. At least, this is what I've been told.

Bored, yesterday, I decided to do something with them. I go two relatively T-shaped teeth, and tatted a little bit onto them. What do you think? And no glue! Yayyy..

How do people cover up that hole?! It looks terrible. I think these eggs will have to wait until next year... Or, I'll just throw them at my brother. Either one.

This is something I'm a little excited about! For the bookmark exchange, my goal was to have all 3 (I'm doing 3) be original patterns, so that there wouldn't be anything like them. I've got to admit, it's a little intimidating to be sending some of your own tatting to someone who has done breathtaking things. This started out as an experiment, but I quite like it! It reminds me of granny squares.

One last picture. I think I may have one of the craziest cats in existence. This is the 3rd time she did that last night, so I had the camera on hand. And shortly after this was taken, she was mercilessly attacking my head.... Lovingly, of course.

About the white paper, it gets so unbearably hot, come March here, that I have to cover the entire windows with it to reflect the sun. Otherwise, it's ridiculous! The brown blinds just attract the heat. But, ya know, it is a lot brighter and more bearable with just the paper, if not pretty!

Well, there you are! Hope you enjoyed this. (:

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