Monday, May 30, 2011


I am sticking to this project and that is THAT! I keep reminding myself. The seriousness of this plight has made the fun go down a few notches. Shuttle, Phase 2.5 is in the making. It's not Phase Three because I'm using pretty much the same materials and design and it's not a major improvement. In the last post I said I would give away the Phase Two shuttles, but they are just REALLY displeasing. The 2.5 are already much prettier and are going to be stronger and more functional. So, to the people who wanted them, I'd much rather send you a 2.5! They'll probably be finished within a couple days, and I am making a TON.

I got all of these vinyl tiles and they are sooo pretty. Much prettier than the others. I cant wait to post them!

Last week, we got back the county fair pieces. I never actually went. The fair was very VERY short and I had a lot going on. I DID take home 7 ribbons though.

They're kind of all clumped together for travel, but they were on separate things. They depressing thing is that I don't actually know what they were on since I didn't go.
The ribbons are for:
Junior Best of Show
First Place
Second Place (different thing)
Third Place
Best of Division
Best of Class
and Judges award

The prettiest one got bent during travel! The big lime green one. I'm pretty proud of the ribbons. They really do make it all worth while.

Some tatting HAS gotten done, believe it or not. This is a doily I'm working on. I'm on Round 2. It's a super old pattern so it doesn't particularly lay right. But, it's looking pretty!

And this is a motif that I tatted during Art in the Park. I just found it. There were two shuttles that had pretty thread on them, so I found a motif that called for two shuttles.

This is something that makes me happy. A doily that I designed myself over the fireplace. *sigh* Oh the little accomplishments.

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