Friday, May 13, 2011

Deckin Out the Kicks

Apparently, that means shoes. I like it! Tomorrow is my violin recital, which I predict will go terribly, so maybe it will exceed my expectations. My mom packed my outfit for it, because, for some reason, I absolutely cannot pack clothes. My idea of packing is throwing a bunch of shorts into a bag and forgetting about everything else. So, anyway, she picked everything out and, somehow, the shoes got mauled on the car ride over to my aunts. I was left with a torn up pair of Nine West heels. This kicked my mind into creative mode and I decided to deck them out. I used what I had on hand and covered the toe part and heel with a pretty pretty pink nail polish that is also on my nails.

Tatting absolutely HAD to be involved, so I went through my binder and found what I thought would be a fast pattern.

I originally wanted to do 12 to cover a lot of the top part, but only ended up doing 4, as they took around 30 min each, not counting the time where I would get distracted by the tv. So then, if I was only doing 4, display was a problem, how to cover the scrapes and make them shnazzy. You must admit, sharpie never fails at anything.


What do you think? I'm pretty happy with the results!

On a different note, I now have 19 followers! Heck yeah! Not a big deal to the bigger tatters who have hundreds, but I'm liking the increase. I really appreciate the people who actually care about this kind of stuff (tatting, blogs, tatting blogs!).

That's all for now. Edgings to come soon!


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