Monday, May 16, 2011

Gettin' Stuff Done

This is a late post, as I should have put this up a while ago. FINALLY, here are the pictures of the handkerchief Michelle sent me from her giveaway! I don't recall ever seeing a handkerchief this size. It's a very nice, sturdy fabric. Cotton, I think. And the design is so pretty!

Isn't that wonderful? It's pretty exciting to me, because it means I can do an elaborate edging without dying of boredom! YEEEE

Of course, the color choice for thread is going to be green! This thread color is my absolute favorite.

I have edging all picked out and have started, but that will be a surprise! I recon it will take maybe twice as long as one of the bigger handkerchiefs, but definitely worth it. ^_^

And now, something that has been waiting to be blocked for so very long. The purple handkerchief! It took me so little time, but time has been scarce for a few weeks. It feels nice to have it completed. It was blocked last night and I attached it this morning.

I always fear that when I put scissors near something like tatting or anything that can't be replaced, they'll magically start chopping things, leaving me devastated. But then again, I'm also afraid of my skin falling off. Strange fears, you know.

Another landmark for the day. TWO bobbins are empty. How did that even happen? I don't sew very often. But it's very rewarding, in a way. I can go to the store now and get some thread knowing that I NEED it, and am not just getting it because it's pretty.

What to do with the bobbins! I need to hoard, I mean, mark the occasion.

Now for something VERYYYY exciting. Lots of pictures today, I suppose. I got two special letters in the mail yesterday! Bookmarks from the exchange! AGHHHHH exciting. This one is from Marie. She doesn't have a blog (yet) because she's working on a book. I'm assuming it's a tatting book, which is also exciting!

And the other is from Marty. This is tatted in size 80! That's ridiculous.

Maybe I'm too sentimental, but I love this kind of thing. When you do your own work, it's your time. Usually when I finish something, the amount that I care for it drops way below how much I did while it was in the making. My own tatting means so little to me. It's more about improving technique, adding to the repertoire, and spending time doing something productive (it's how I justify watching tv on those rare occasions). But, to receive the work of someone else. You know and can see the labor involved, and can appreciate it long-term. These bookmarks I received are probably not going to be used as bookmarks. More likely, they'll be framed with labels. I'll use my own tatting because I'm fine with it getting roughed up some! ;D

Finally, a little whimsicality. While I was taking pictures, I turned and saw this.

and then this

It seems as thought the naughty Bunny Bella decided to crumple up the handkerchiefs and, soon after, figured she might get in trouble. So, here, she is giving me a guilty look. Usually, when she hears the click, she turns her head. But, in her seriousness, she let her shame be captured. *sigh* I guess those handkerchiefs are going back to the press. After a good wipe down, of course!

That's all I have for today. Now that I'm home, things are picking up again! Yay! And, since the giveaway(s) will going out on Friday (finals at school urghh), and I've gotten several new followers, if you haven't already, you should go back and comment on that post! (:

Thank you for actually getting through all of that!
Have a nice day <3

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