Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giveaway?!?! Art in the Park, Day One. And random Complaints

First of all, let me say, I had 16 followers a couple days ago. Someone unfollowed me and I need answers. Maybe I need better content. Must be it . *cries*

So, today was the first day of Art in the Park, in Redlands, CA. It's a little fair-type thing that lasts two days and artists all have a setup where they can sell you their arty things. Pretty cool! As I mentioned in previous posts, I was to participate in this, and really did not want to. My mom was really pushing for it and got a bunch of frames for doilies and started getting my props together. Sometimes it's best to just make people happy, so, a couple days ago, I got with the program.

The eventfulness started yesterday. Woke up at 8 (VERY early for me) and my brother and I drove the hour to my aunt's house which is close to Redlands, Manzanitas in the back seat clonking around viciously. When we arrived, I unloaded TONS of stuff. My mom had to work, so she couldn't be here to help. Then I finally got the bookmarks from the exchange sent out. And, as all ambitious people do, when I got back to the house, I..... watched YouTube videos? Bad Anika! At 11, I finally started framing, the frames had stupid glue on them! Glue Gone works like magic, I tell you what. They should rename it Cuticle Gone, because I didn't wear gloves and, well, they are. Framing framing framing... When I finished, I looked at it all and actually had a pang of faith. It would, indeed, go well!

Finished at 2 A.M. Things loaded in the van. All ready to go. Got in bed. And then. Insomnia. Until around 3 because I was just SO excited! And then I got up this morning at 5:10. That's ridiculous! In So Cal it is HOT, so I wore shorts of course. My grandma and I got to the site, and it was cloudy and freezing. I huddled in my chair for about 3 hours until it warmed up.

I'm talking a lot. All in all, it went well. I sold one thing. To the lady in the booth next to me! She got this.

It's a hard piece to show. It's propped up against a manzanita. I did a thing with flowers and it's a clear frame, so very, very smudgy. I'm pretty flattered that she liked it. And it was $50, that can buy more thread! YEEE! I've decided my tatting has to start paying for itself. The lady I was just talking about, Cindy Lantier ( ) does mixed media cards and paintings and stuff like that, that are VERY cool. I ended up getting some handmade cards from her for the moms in my family. Which, gave me an idea.... HMMMM... Perhaps, I shall have a giveaway? To two people, randomly chosen. One of these and a few other things that will be a surprise. The cards are blank inside and very sturdy. Yes? And I'll leave the comment time window open a week or so, I get impatient!

There you go. Now, start commenting! You've got nothing to lose.

In other news, that I did not blog about, I got a little package from Michelle! I have no pictures right now because I got it right before I left and haven't been home. But, there will be when I get back! A few posts ago, she did a handkerchief giveaway, and I was lucky enough to receive one! It's such a nice size too, you'll see later... Wait... You, impatient person. Nah, that's me. I'm only mentioning this right now because, along with it, she included a few other things, that I wasn't expecting, specifically, little plastic rings. These excited me because I haven't seen them anywhere. When I left for my art stuff, I took those with me to play with if the opportunity arose. Today, I was sitting, sitting, sitting, all day. And, the opportunity arose. They are the absolute perfect size, and I used all of them. This created a frenzy in my head. Right after the event closed for the day, I had my grandma bring me to Home Depot.

Meh.. Not amazing, but they might work for something. Too flat and coarse. Next stop, Joann.

And THERE! Hallelujah! The ones Michelle sent were clear, but, heck, I can live with these. They are on the curtain aisle, for those who can't find them. Oh, and different sizes on the sewing notion aisle with the belt buckles. The wooden one was 50 cents on sale on the purse aisle.

I'm very happy with today. Hopefully, I'm not the only one.
Bedtime now, tomorrow is another early rise for Day Two of Art in the Park. ;D

Good night, and remember to comment for the giveaway!

P.S. What in the world! I forgot to tell you such an important thing. In that picture, you see that big ribbon. I got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in needlework at the San Bernardino County Fair. I'll show pictures next time!

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