Saturday, May 28, 2011

Re: Shuttle, Phase Two

Last night, I was working on everything until around 6 in the morning, when I figured I'd better get in bed. I didn't actually get to sleep until nearly 10, due to the fact that I kept obsessing over the shuttles. Considering every bit of the dynamics and how I could make them better. When I DID get to sleep, I dreamed of them as well. How strange is that? And, after almost 4 hours of sleep, I got up to get back to work. The Phase Two shuttles have been tested (not the long ones yet). The plastic epoxy did a great job. The shuttles can tat and everything, but there were some big things that really don't make me happy.

As on the list, they are WAY too heavy. I really like the medium though. I feel that if the shuttles were thinner, the weight might not matter.

Secondly, they are too wide, up and down that is. I had this idea of the shuttle fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, but it's just too clunky. The shuttle is constantly working, and, as I see now, needs to be slender and agile, like a ballerina.

Thirdly, I am SO disappointed in myself for not realizing this before. After all of my observations. The hanger takes about a billion clicks to shorten and lengthen the thread for chains and rings. That might not be such a problem for someone using a large thread, but for someone using 80, it would get tiresome. I'm going to be doing research today on a better post, that is a LOT wider.

Fourthly, NO HOOK OR POINT! AGHHHH! It's miserable. I gather that there are tatters who don't ever use a point, but, for people like me who have to get things done fast, the hook or point is simply practical. This worries me, because I might need to find yet ANOTHER medium.

This plight won't stop until I have a shuttle that I would really enjoy working with, and I'm a tough cookie! Phase Three will take a few days, but I think we're getting close.

Oh, and if you're really okay with heavy shuttles, lack of point, and a skinny post, comment and tell me you want one. I've got four that passed my tests at the top of the game, and one that CAN tat but is more cool to look at. So, first five comments that want one, make sure to tell me how to contact you, and which one you want (wood-looking or that one stone-looking). I'm eager to get these out of my sight. Of course, I am keeping one for my records (don't worry, it's an ugly one), but it's extraordinarily depressing.

Those bands were just used to keep them in shape while hardening. The fifth isn't pictured in this post, but is in the last.

I apologize if this post sounds a bit strange, 3 hours of sleep, you know!

Anyway, thank you for bearing with the process!

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