Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shuttle, Phase Two

Today was strange. Got up late, of course, and embarked on a mission. That mission, if you read yesterday's blog, you would know, was to work on another round of shuttles. I went to the hardware store and got some vinyl tiles to play around with, since I had had only one vinyl record on hand and couldn't readily get another. I also got a special plastic epoxy that supposedly can stand up to 30,000 lbs or something. We'll see about that. The tiles were an absolute joy to work with compared to the record. I did burn myself quite a bit more, but, in the end, I decided gloves would help. The posts still did pose a problem, so I resolved to stick with the hanger plastic. The problem had been that the area where the shells and post met was too small and easily gave way under rough handling. I haven't gotten to try these out yet, as the epoxy takes 24 hours to cure. There is still no point, since the medium is too thick. In my next attempt, I'll be trying acrylic, so maybe a point will come with that. Well, here they are. What do you think?

I made 10 shuttles total, which far outdoes the 4 of Phase One. I hope they work! The material seems about right. They are a lovely weight and feel, and have acceptable flexibility for a shuttle. The mold had a far greater circumference, so they are more ergonomic, but still have that organic feel I'm looking for. And, yes, that was a long shuttle! I think it looks pretty cool.

My lack of tatting is due to a little mental refusal that I get towards tatting once in a while. Every so often, I just have to work on some instantly gratifying things. Like drawing, sewing, decoupaging, music, blablabla, or the shuttles. But that only lasts a several days and then I'm back to lace. I did finish a little motif, despite the big projects I should be working on. I just HAD to see how the new thread looked. And it IS quite exquisite!

Now, I am off to catch up on my own followings!

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