Saturday, May 21, 2011

So tiny!

For the first time, I have successfully finished something in size 80 thread. I had played around with some a little bit in the past, as there was a little spool/ball/thing that Michelle had sent with the handkerchief. I was unsure of the size, but just knew that it was SUPER THIN. A little motif was attempted, but it proved unsuccessful. Then, at Michaels, my loyalty to Joann wavered. They had this.

Not "crochet, tatting, and knitting", not "great for tatting". Tatting. How cool! I got ecru and red. Here's the red, and the multi-colored from Michelle.

The colors were limited, about 5. I'm going to go back and get the others, as they were only 2.50-ish! YAY! Thread excites me.... So, being the determined person I am, a project just HAD to be attempted. Since I just graduated, it it only appropriate that I give my teacher (yes, I just had one!) something to show my appreciation. He once said that bookmarks make him want to read, and I've tatted him things before, but in size 10. I decided on a size 80 (yikes!) bookmark. The pattern is modified from an edging. I've found that bookmark patterns are far and few. It only took me a couple days, and I got through it!

The other day, I went on a hunt. A hunt for handkerchiefs. I called up half a dozen antique shops near me and set out, dragging my little brother with me. I sat on the floor in several shops, searching through dozens of tattered and stained handkerchiefs, stacking them in three piles- "yes", "no", and "maybe", while ignoring the obnoxious stomping at the other end of the store and the angry glares in my direction. Most were $2, some were $3, and a couple were $4. Pretty good, I think. I carefully washed and sanitized them all, oxi-cleaned the white ones, let them dry, and gently ironed them on a low setting until they were perfect. Of course, Bunny, being the finicky poodle she is, stomped all over them and walked away. That explains the wrinkly condition. *sigh*

This one ^ is actually a napkin, but I thought it was cute.

This one ^ isn't particularly functional as a handkerchief (good thing too), but I thought it'd look cool with black lace around the edge.

I don't know if all of these will have edgings, we'll see.

A couple questions regarding technique:

1. Does it look like you're flipping people off while you tat, or is it just me? I always feel a little awkward tatting in public. Haha...

2. Do you have to do that thing where, after every couple rings or chains you have to let the shuttle kinda hang and spin out? That one seems a little preventable, but I don't know..

That's all! (:

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