Monday, June 6, 2011

Completion of the Collar

In my last post, I showed the actual collar and the lace, hoping for some feedback before everything was finalized. And, with confidence, I put everything together and took some pictures of what I imagine wearing it with.

The thing is that I don't particularly like strapless shirts. So, chances are, I'll either give to someone who does, or it will be thrown in the back of my dresser until who knows when. I do have a strapless bathing suit, but, these days, I avoid the sun, since I get a ridiculous rash on whatever skin is exposed. UMMMM a little too much info today....

I have dyed more thread! The process is so enjoyable for me, I think I might consider putting some up on Etsy. The deciding factor is the smoothness of the thread. Dye can be harsh on fibers. The little motif that I did with the first hank was done before the thread was washed, so it was a little stiff. I'll have to do another. Of course, Ill need to come up with some color combos that I really like.

Here are my favorites so far:

And there!

P.S. The collar was stitched individually because I was worried about the flexibility and I know that others had the same concern!

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  1. What about shirts with off-the-shoulder sleeves? Technically not strapless, and would look lovely with the collar.