Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dirty, Rotten Liar

Yup. That's me. I said I would have the new shuttle posted, like, 3 days ago? Well, plans were changed. I ended up being out of town for a few days and having to film stupid flowers for two days straight. I actually went to sleep early for a change (9!!!). But, it is now 11 pm. I am tired, but my bet is I'll be up until 2 or 3. Anyway, the shuttles aren't made. I have the middle part and the shells ready. They are looking wonderful. I'm letting a test shuttle dry right now, it's using yet ANOTHER adhesive. I really hope this works, because the shuttle is beautiful and the center is perfect.

Since I have no real tatting progress (tomorrow!!), I have some other pictures to show you.

The first is a little superstitious. I think it means something!

I got a bookmark from Maria in Portugal! She included a potholder, two postcards, and a little baggy with a tatted butterfly. Everything is so cool because it really sticks to a patriotic theme and the postcards say things about Portugal and Portuguese legends. It makes me wish I had put more into the the package I sent! I guess I just assume that EVERYONE knows about California and is sick of it... Maybe because I am.

Something gorier. Somehow, while ironing, I burnt my leg. You're probably thinking "Sheesh, don't you know you're not supposed to sit while ironing?!" Well, to justify myself, I was ironing ON my lap. HAHAHA.. -_- Actually, I do it all the time because my desk is so crowded. I'm thinking a drop of water or something dripped out of the iron and scorched my leg. It's only small, but it intrigues me because it looks so much like some skin disorder.

So, since people like flowers, here are some of those. *yawn*

Lastly, today I was searching for something to throw some stuff into and found this. It's the only quilt I've ever done. It was made ages ago and I sewed the whole thing by hand.

Eh? I like the fact that quits can be such heirlooms that are actually used... So maybe I'll do another. With a machine of course!

Sorry for this lame post. I promise the next one will be awesome! ;D

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