Monday, June 27, 2011

DISGUSTING! Motif #48, 49, and 50!

Sign me up for Round Three!

It's Monday! Hurrah. The start of the consecutive week! Isn't that just so absolutely fun?..... Hmm, not really.

I'm kinda over my tatting slump, but only for little things. This motif is so cute! Thread choice could be better though. For the IR (inner ring), in older patterns they'll often say 5x5 (tie threads for last picot), I've never quite understood how that can be done gracefully. So, instead, I'll do 3-5-5-5-5-2. That way all of the picots are real and the first and last DS's add up to a nice 5.
I hate to waste thread. Usually I'll make little "flowers" that I glue all over things. But, for a BIG waste of thread, flowers won't cut it. So I came up with these little crosses.

Forgot to rotate the first one. These would be to just glue to something I guess, since they take so little time. If you're interested, the first one is easily interpreted. The small rings are 6-6 and the big rings are 5x4. The second one is a little hard to explain. The big rings are the same as the first. The itty bitty rings are 1x4. The middle rings, going counter-clockwise from the bottom right are 3-3-6, 3+3--6, 6+6, 6+6, 6+3-3, 6+3+3. And, of course, between those are the big rings. They're not the cutest, but, like I said, they're to use up thread.

These I've seen before. I can't recall from where. I just wanted to make little hearts (another using-up-thread) project. I forgot to rotate this one too!!! ARGH!! Since I did this off the top of my head and the original is probably a ton better, I'll share my version. R13-4+(join to picot just made and turn the last 4 DS down)13 close ring. Voila!

Today, I got MORE stuff. I can't resist! It's a disease I'm sure.

Everything is pretty much justified except the yarn....

That's just a small amount of what lives in my closet.... I must keep reminding myself "YOU DO NOT KNIT OR CROCHET!!!!"... But then, something in my head goes "Well..... sometimes I do...." The yarn was on sale and is reallyyyy soft. EH!

I have something to show that will either disgust or intrigue you.

That is.... BUNNY HAIR! Poodle hair. From a dog named Bunny. It's washed and everything and I really want to do something with it. I was thinking, a felted version of Bunny? I tried to card it or something to make yarn, but it didn't work. Felting is the next plan. It might just end up thrown away. Either way, Bunny is really liking her summer cut! ;D

And there you go! That's all for today.
Thanks for stopping by! (:


  1. A new motif, little crosses, dimpled ring hearts... you deserve a treat! I have tons of yarn, and I hardly ever knit or crochet. Maybe I'll start now that I'm getting closer to being organized. ; )

    My new shuttle and thread arrived... thank you! I have the shuttle wound and ready to go. I love the feel of it. I think you could have a future in shuttle making and thread dyeing, if you choose. But, to me, the important thing is that you're having fun! Thanks for adding to my fun!

  2. I like your new background!

    And the first little cross appeals a lot! I could see tatting a few of these up, (note to self- add to list).

    I agree with you about profile pictures, I like it when I can see the person right away so I don't get my own ideas about how they are to look.

  3. the second picture shown looks like a ballerina.

  4. Have you ever tried needle felting? Both my girls needle felt and the poodle hair would certainly work for that.

  5. felting the poodle hair won't work, poodles actually have hair, not fur, and hair doesn't have the necessary barbs needed for felting. however, if you spin, you can add it to any base and spin it right in easily just like any other extra, like angora or something and use it as a specialty yarn :)

    Your extra thread user uppers are really cute and clever, you are a very creative person. your yarn stash is nearly as big as mine, lol, and yes, it is a disease, I have it :D

  6. Everything looks wonderful! The second cross reminded me of a star... I think if you made the bottom "arms" (with the tiny rings) longer, it would make a wonderful "Christmas Star" for cards when the season comes around... Just a thought... :-)

    -Stephanie Grace

  7. Love your post. Bunny's fur will be put to good use. My sister has 3 mini poodles and I think I have posted their photos in my blog once. Have fun with your new supplies. I love shopping for supplies too.

  8. I have to disagree with Bri - poodles are one dog whose coat is considered wool. Dog fur won't felt well because it is so slick, but poodle hair has a crimp much like sheep wool. I have a coton du tulear which is a breed that also has hair rather than fur and is, in fact a distant descendant of poodles. I have both spun and felted her hair. I will stick a couple of felting needles in the package I am mailing to you so you can try if!

  9. At first, I didn't think the poodle hair would felt very well, but, when I washed it, it was all too willing to stick together, and that's what gave me the felting idea. The fibers are felting very well, save the bits from the ears that got into the batch, as they are straight. The project just might turn out to be awesome!

    Teresa, I have needle felted a little bit before so I've got a couple needles lying around. Well, I hope they're not just lying around, those are SHARP! Thank you though! (: And those dogs are sooo cute, they remind me of little Old English Sheepdogs.

    Thank you, all, for the feedback on everything! Means a lot to me ^_^