Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is going to be a fun post!

First, pictures of the wedding that my mom did yesterday (she's a florist, hence the flowers in the previous post).

My mom and grandma are giving me a lot of trouble over my collar. They think that the collar should be brand new. But that kinda makes everything a lot less fun. The point of the project is that it's re-purposed into something really cool and unique. Plus, I want it to look like a t-shirt collar. The collar came from one of my favorite shirts ever that just needed to retire. It's now a beach coverup. I don't know. Some insight would be appreciated!

The original color was to be aqua blue. But, I always do that to myself, make things colors that I'll never be able to wear with anything. So it turned purple instead. The lace is an eggplant color and some areas are a little lighter to give it an antique-y look. The color has a slight undertone of blue and I like that they don't really match, but do in a way.

And here, a sneak peak of Shuttle 2.5! It is VERY strong. And sanded down quite nicely. In my strength tests it did quite well, I'll do more later and then the rest of them will be posted soon. The other vinyls are sooo pretty, this is one of the less pretty ones. Intentionally ;D

What's this? A niddy noddy of course. Her name is Iris, because it looks like an I and that's nice name I think. She is made of PVC pipes and cost around $1.50 to make. What is she for, you ask?

THREADDDDDD!!!! I've wanted to dye thread for so long! It wasn't about not knowing how, as was with the shuttles. It was about sheer laziness.

Not bad for a first skein! I like!

Hope you enjoyed this post (:

OH P.S.- What do you consider a motif? For the challenge. Do you count the rows in a doily or the whole doily?

Thank you!

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