Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mixed Media and an Overly Dramatic Musician

I don't know what's up right now. Things are...trivial. Not really, that's what I use as an excuse for when I finally talk to someone after not wanting to talk to them for ages. There are quite a few stress factors going on right now in the my world that ARE legitimate excuses for not wanting to do, well, anything.

1. The Shuttles
I feel defeated! In my striving for perfection, I've acquired a complex. Plus, there were 5 or 6 people that I promised a shuttle. They WILL be finished (how many times have I said that?), I just don't know when. The process has been refined and everything, but after committing myself for so many hours in such a little time frame, I'm burnt out. To those people, I didn't flake out! I swear!

2. Comments and Followers
Am I supposed to respond to comments? EH?! What is blog etiquette? The comments that I get are appreciated soooo much. After I post, I usually check my email pretty often for a couple days. It feels rude of me to not respond, but I don't know....

How in the world have so many blogs gotten well over 100 followers? I had 34 forever, and then, finally one more person followed me and I'm at an even 35. Whenever I find a new tatting blog, I follow it, which has made the Motif Challenge particularly enjoyable because of the people featured, but, I find that I am following almost everyone featured! There must be some brick wall that I need to get over.

There were going to be more things on this list, but I'll spare you. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely positive about everything (yeah right). Let's just consider it "End of High School" panic.

There have been some cool non-tatting things going on. I've been working on some tutorials for an internet collaboration aimed at girls that are maybe 11 to 15. They're mostly re-purposing right now. Young girls love to ruin their clothes, so I figure those kinds of tutorials would be appreciated. Here are some pictures (The videos aren't up yet). Excuse the green screen, I decided to take pictures for this after the sun went down and had to use the studio lights.

That's a quilt-type pillow made out of the legs of some jeans, so that out-dated jeans can be turned into shorts and hardly ever scraps are left over. Very eco... ha

This is a more whimsical pillow to match the more fashionable quilted one. It's just a sealed up pair of shorts that were way too short and I wouldn't want anyone else wearing (Their momma wouldn't either!).

I just cut the waist band off of a TERRIBLE pair of jeans and it looks pretty cute. I thought it matched the lumberjack shirt that my grandma insists looks fabulous on me. It's kind of a no-brainer thing, but the idea is there.

I don't know about this one. I was going for something really couture, looks more stupid-ture. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Lastly, to make up for my negativity and absence. Here is a song that I wrote. It's just put to some random pictures, because I couldn't think of anything better. (:

Thank you so much for being awesome! (:



  1. I was writing my blog long before comments were even an option. I don't think it's obligatory to respond unless someone asks a question or I need to clarify something. Some people try to respond to every comment they get but I'm not sure why. When I do respond, I prefer to email the person directly but sometimes they don't have an email on their profile and there is no way to contact them. That's bad when they ask a question that needs a lot of detail in the answer because I won't do it on my blog, especially if it's not directly related to what is going on. I think it's good enough to make a single blanket comment on your own post to respond to several at the same time. I do appreciate the comments but have never seen it as a chat box.

    I have never understood the Followers box. When I'm interested in someone, I put their link in my sidebar bloglist and I can see immediately if they have updated. The follower thing often lacks what is on the blog, so personally, I do not follow others. I did try it once and found it didn't do what I wanted. Some people love the feature and use it exclusively. I have followers but I don't display the box. I think it does create angst in those who use it as a measure of their popularity. You shouldn't pay that much attention to it. I love your blog but I'm not going to "follow" and add one more thing to my mailbox when I already have a reliable means of checking in on you.

    I have to get ready for work so can't listen to your song but I will later!

  2. Hi Anika, I am similar to Gina, I don't do following but you are in my Favorite Blogs to read list posted on my blog. I get to see when you post and hop over and read what you wrote.

    as for comments, I very seldom reply privately, but will if necessary. I do however, occasionally post an aknowledgement to the commenters, a thanks for stopping, or answer a short question, as a comment to my blog. if any of the commenters have selected, Subscrib to this post, or checked the box for receiving following comments in their email, then they will receive my answer.
    I too have to get ready for work, so have a good day and don't stress too much. have fun with your music, and let the shuttles sit for a bit, you will be surprised at what your brain will figure out during the time you aren't thinking of it.

  3. I think this is the fourth time I've typed up a response to this! It's me today, not blogger.

    I love the song! I am the mother of two musically talented young ladies and I want them to both hear your song. It's wonderful.

    I also love the belt and I bet my girls would too! What a cute idea.

    I agree with Gina about comments. I rarely expect an answer (tho sometimes I get one) and when I really want one, I'll email the question instead of leaving it in comments.

    Have you considered putting a tracker on your blog? Long ago I put Statcounter on mine (free and very easy to do). I have about the same number of followers as you, but with Statcounter, I can see how many people actually visit my blog and it's a lot more than I have following my blog. I think there is one built into blogger now - through google. With Statcounter I can see where the readers came from and which posts are the most read. Just something to think about.

  4. Ditto to what has been said above! I blog for my own inspiration and motivation. Comments are always welcome and enjoyed, but I do not have the time to respond to them all.

    Please don't stress about things like promising to mail off shuttles! If someone is crass enough to complain about a gift, it isn't deserved. While I appreciate gifts that come in the mail, I never expect them. When I give something away, it's because I want to share something I'm proud of.

    All of these little things can turn something enjoyable into a chore. I would much rather ooh and ah over your accomplishments than track your hopes and dreams to make sure you follow through on them. If you only knew how many unfinished tidbits lie around my house!

    Your pillows look great! A few years ago, I re-purposed jeans into bags for my daughters any myself. They were a great way to display tatted motifs!

  5. I LOVE your song and I know my husband will too. Your voice is lovely, similar to Carla Bruni, I think.

    Followers are fun because it's nice to see who's there but I'm sure many more people read than follow (not just because of the above comments). I read (daily) about 80 blogs from July to April without following because I didn't understand what the following meant.

    I'm with Diane about the shuttles, it was wonderful that you offered them but if you can't or don't want to finish them, no one will be offended, really! Just have fun!

    And that belt is really, really cute!

  6. i think that you shouldn't worry about getting the shuttles made...isn't the process supposed to be somewhat enjoyable? and if you are stressing then your not enjoying.

    i really don't care for blog etiquette, if i really need an answer or response from someone i usually email. i do know that some people get really pissed off if they comment on your blog and you don't comment on theirs...i love knowing people are following me, but i love more so following other people. thank you for taking time to blog for us! i for one appropriate it! you make me laugh!

  7. Thank you for such a detailed responses! It's quite a bit more clear now. Bloggers do so many different things that I couldn't quite catch onto what's proper. But, it seems, that there is no one tried and true method. I'll get it sooner or later (:

    As for the shuttle thing, it's more of not wanting to look at them right now. I just need to sand down some parts and do some gluing. Easy peasy, so I'll stop whining!

    It's strange to think that some people read without following. I can't keep track of any of it without the dashboard. So, I think taht tracker might be in order...And, when I CAN remember which blogs I follow, I only know the name of the blogger, but not the blog. -_-

    I'm very happy with all the enlightening responses to my whiny post...^_^
    Thank you!