Thursday, June 16, 2011

More of the Same, Motif #46

Back! I haven't blogged in so long, I think I forgot how. We'll see! So, this past week, I've been trapped at my aunts house without thread, patterns, or anything really, since I didn't know I would be there that long. I DID, however, bring this.

It's a tool case type thing that I got at Joann on sale. It just has all of my findings for jewelry and stuff, along with needles, scissors, and the usual, also, for some lucky reason the thread that I had dyed. Bored out of my mind, I did make a good amount of stuff. Most isn't finished, but here's some. I've been experimenting with rings on their own.

Yup! There's all that. With the pink and purple, I kinda designed a little motif.

It's just a cute little star to test out irresistible thread. There's probably a pattern kinda like it somewhere. The one above isn't blocked, so do excuse it.

R5x4 Reverse Work C5 Do Not Reverse Work R6--6 Do Not Reverse Work C5
Repeat 4 more times for total of 5 big rings

There may not be too many posts for a while. It's studying time!

Oh, and a violin recital.... A classical DUET! First of all, my area of expertise (not exactly an expert, but still) is Cajun, and I tend to ignore the metronome and just play how I want. A big no-no for both classical and duets. So, that definitely needs some polishing up. *sigh*

The shuttles are STILL not finished, but I hope to conquer them within the next few days.


  1. Really cute jewelry! (or little bits of things that aren't jewelry yet? Can't tell from the pictures, but they are pretty.)

  2. I really like your tatting with the rings! Nice pictures too!

  3. Neat ring designs! And I love, love, love that star!!! :)