Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh no!!!

This is something I meant to post a little while ago. A week or two back, I was horrified to find an envelope in our P.O. box that had been sent back to me. I participated in the bookmark exchange a few months back and had three partners. One of the partners, Maria, lives in Portugal, and I posted the lovely things she sent me here. I guess I didn't address the envelope correctly, because it had been drifting around for about two months despite having reached her town within a week of shipping. This was especially troubling because I had assumed that it was there, and when it came back to me after so long, I was struck with the feeling of flakiness. All is well now though, I messaged Maria and apologized, also asking her to resend the address line by line, which I will have a postmaster write out, as apparently that isn't a strong point of mine. The envelope had quite a collection of stamps and stickers on the front and back, so a new envelope is in order!

There is but one thing a'tatted today. And it isn't complete because I didn't judge my thread usage correctly. In the last post I showed a metallic thread. I decided to try it out, and being a girly girl (ony in preferences), used it with pink. The two thread together tatted more like size #10, I shoulda figured! I think it looks really nice, so perhaps a project will be done with it shortly!

I'll leave you with a video of the sheared poodle, Bunny. She refused to sit still for a photo, so I took out the video camera!


Her cut is terrible, I know. I did it myself since the groomers were busy and we really just wanted her shaved. I haven't gotten around to her legs yet, since she HATES the clippers. (:

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  1. At least the envelope was returned to you! Maria is a very sweet lady, and I'm sure she's very understanding of the situation. I'm not really a pink person, but it seems that I've been drawn to it lately. I like the color you're using. The metallic thread gives it a kind of heathered look... very nice!