Monday, June 27, 2011

Weirdo, Motif #47!

That's what I am. Not in the way my grandma uses it. That's how she refers to door-to-door salesmen/ creepers. I'm a weirdo in that it is SO hard for me to understand things that are foreign to me. More comprehend than understand. Some things are ridiculously easy, and others not so much. One thing that continues to awe me is how I picture bloggers. It's like this, you read these blogs almost every day, you get a little bit of who this person is, their personality, how they communicate, and, somewhere deep inside your brain, you develop a composite of how this person should look. Then, one day, a blogger posts a picture of them self and you absolutely cannot attach the picture to the mental profile. Not for any particular reason, just that that is not who you imagined. That has happened to me a multitude of times and, being the freak that I am, I ponder over it for an abnormal amount of time. Maybe it's just me. The same thing happens with podcasts and radio shows. It makes me wonder how people think I look. I do have a picture of my profile, and in this one post. If you think that I don't look as nerdy as you imagined, I DO wear glasses and retainers... Very strange way to drift off.. Sorry. I have tatting!

It's a cross (obviously) in size 20, spring I think, and I used pretty beads that are DEFINITELY too big. I hate how it turned out. Note how my rings aren't even. I haven't tatted in too long. Getting back in the groove though. I wanted to make something mandatory, that I HAD to finish. That usually works, and it did! This was made for my mom's boyfriend. He's off visiting his brother in the hospital (liver cancer), and he enjoys the sentiments. Had I known before he left, I would have made something for the brother.

UMMMM sad. Sorry.

My mom brought me something interesting! It's just a billion year old box.. With these inside..

A bunch of Rit dye! My grandpa, a very fabulous man whom I credit the integrity of my existence, was an excessive hoarder....ahem---collector. Garage sales were his favorite and he could not pass up a good deal. Being an artist, he had gotten many of these types of things. The big box says 10 cents each, so, I'm guessing he bought all of them. Something tells me these are quite old.

Tomorrow or maybe the next day... or never, I'll try them out to see if they're still good. Since they are in powder form, I have a feeling they will be just fine. We'll see!

I've been informed that my last post was extraordinarily boring, I apologize! I do try to keep everything short and sweet, but, oh how I can ramble on so....



  1. LOL! I find your posts entertaining.

    Pictures never quite match the personality and what we've conjured in our minds. And then meeting the blogger in person,even when you've seen the photo, is another entirely different impression.

    It will be interesting to see how the dye works out. Good luck.

  2. don't worry about someone thinking your post(s) are boring, they don't have to read them. anyone who reads all the way to the end, must have found something interesting. and since I am posting, I read to the end, so I found something interesting, and I checked your previous post, thanks for the info on dyeing, I haven't done it so found it interesting. so there.

  3. You have a fun blog to read :) I, too, find it funny how I picture someone in my head - only to find out that they look completely different than what I pictured in my head. Why do we do that, I wonder? Funny to think about. I wish I could cartoon everyone before I see their picture and then compare!

    Love seeing what you do - you are very creative!
    So there.

  4. Never boring! Have fun with the RIT.