Sunday, July 17, 2011

So, as I said before, we moved into a different house, across town. The moving was, eh, alright. And, as I soon found out, my new room pretty cool! The reason is that the old tenants (It's my mom's boyfriend's house) had set up a desk-type thing in the closet, and I was pretty thrilled.

We're definitely going to be painting, within the next few weeks, but, in the mean time, I painted the desk pink so that I could stand to look at it. The entire closet will be hot pink after we paint, and room will be a lot more neutral. Absolutely everything fits in the closet, and then it closes up neatly, hiding my insanity from the world.

 The second day in this house, I was HORRIFIED to find that the window sill was covered in dead bees. They keep coming in, also. I'm not horrified because they're bees, I'm horrified because, I must admit, I have such a love for them. They get in somehow and then start to freak out, trying to escape, eventually tiring themselves out. Quite luckily, for them and me, they are a calm species and I can easily pick them up. There must be about 30 dead bees in the sill, awaiting a proper burial.

I guess, this one time, I'll share the mess that is my room.

Relatively organized, right? Like I said, it's not done. The walls will be painted and shelving put up. The lazy Bunny (poodle) is in her usual work station (I do the work and she looks cute). The picture of the books is up because I have a theory that you can tell a lot about a person by the books they read.

These are sideways for some reason, but, some old albums surfaced, and I found that little bit of thread. That is so funny to me because, it seems, I dyed thread for the first time long ago! Also, an insightful note, and me as a wee child.

Speaking of thread, since this post strikes me as rather boring:

The first thread is supposed to resemble fire, I'll need to take better pictures of it.

And, finally, this pattern is going to be up in a couple days, I'm just rewriting it.. The question, though, is how the heck do I put it in PDF format? O:

The next post will be super interesting, I promise! And I have tons of posts to catch up on when I get proper internet at the house (I'm at McDonald's), so don't be annoyed when you get comments on posts from like 2 weeks ago! AGH

That is all!

Thank you ((:


  1. I use to print to PDF. It's freeware and easy to use - You can even merge PDFs! If you have your pattern on the computer, say, in a Word file, you just hit 'print' and choose PDFReDirect as the printer. Easy-peasy.

    I'm a little jealous of your new secret desk set-up :) I LOVE the fire thread!

  2. I use PDFCreator from It's also a free download, and will allow you to merge different types of documents into one PDF doc. I have it set up on my home machine as my default printer, and then if I want to print a hard copy, I can send it to the actual printer.

    Secret desk - great concept! Pity it's not a big, walk-in closet - then you'd have a secret office! Still really neat, though!

    Love your thread - what other colors are you planning?

  3. I could use your organization skills around here! We've been in our house almost 18 years, and there are still boxes that have never been unpacked. I'd say you're making great progress!

    I love your pink desk in the closet. It reminds me of my mom's sewing closet in one of her homes. If only I could force myself to reduce my stash to one closet's worth of stuff!

    Your threads are beautiful! Bookshelf in the closet... yup, I have one like that. Too many books, not enough time.

  4. Great post! Where to start? Congratulations on a successful move.

    Ooh, the secret desk -- such a super set-up for creative processes.

    It seems you were born to dye, hee hee! Your threads look terrific.

  5. Nice to see you again! I love the second thread and I think the fire thread looks great.
    Your desk space looks fun too!

  6. Yes, you certainly can tell about a person from the books on her shelves. And that note written almost ten years ago is another little peek into the lovely person you are now. The Bunny is precious and adorable.
    Your post has me smiling so much :). Thank you for sharing.