Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gettin' Fancy!

So, apparently, I've made this transition from being a "Once in a while; one or two skeins" kind of dyer, to a "Dozen skeins at a time" kind of dyer, and I cannot emphasize how BORING winding skeins is. Sure, it an be done while watching TV or something, but, ironically for a tatter, my attention span can't take it. That's why I planned out this contraption.

It came to life in about an hour, too. Winding is now super fast! The whole project cost about 7 dollars, but I had the PVC on hand already from the lame old niddy noddies I made way back. Note the statement in parenthesis in the drawing. After I drew my plans, I realized that it highly resembled a swastika, and I would be showing the drawing to several people at the Home Depot, so a disclaimer was necessary. How embarrassing! But yeah, there it is! REALLY easy to build and it takes about a minute to wind 50 yards, so definitely worth it.

Can't wait to dye some thread!

The only thread I've had on hand was #30 and #10, so that's pretty much all I did. But, this morning I ordered like 1500 yards each of 50 and 80, and I'll be getting some 10, 20, and 30 within the next few days. How exciting! YEEE...

Ran out of the 30, so, this is the last until the shipment comes.

Link goes to the page for #30.


Here's Bunny (poodle). I think she needs a friend.

Thank you! (:


  1. You are very clever! I don't think I'd have come up with that idea in a million years!

  2. You are so smart!!! Will you do smaller size threads too?

  3. Love it. Now that's a clever way to make a tool that makes it happen. A woman after mine own heart.

  4. Anika - I have received your package but have not the time to post about it. I was sick for the whole week.

    I love your threads and your skein winder. For me, I have made mine into 20/30 g balls using my ball winder.