Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuff is Fun

About 4 days ago, I ordered a package from First of all, knowing anything is in the mail for you is really exciting. Second, know how fabulously, spectacularly amazing it is, is REALLY REALLY REALLY exciting (excuse my capital letter overload).

I decided that I need to get some threads that were finer. The kind I ended up liking is DMC Cordonnet, so I researched the best prices and sites and everything. (The?) Knitting Warehouse seemed like the best option. They got really good reviews and their prices are awesome. Supposedly, their shipping is admirably fast, which I REALLY should not have read, because, it made me even more antsy.

Got the thread in white, bla bla bla, boring... And noticed they actually have a tatting section. *Hallelujah* SO many cool things. They have these shuttles for $2.50 each. They are a lot bigger than Clover shuttles. I like!

They're pretty, too.

And this bobbin-type shuttle. $1.85. Meh. I don't particularly like it. We'll see.

This was the most exciting, I think. A tatting needle!

On the left is my first-ever bit of needle tatted lace compared to shuttle tatted. Needle tatters kind of amaze me. Later on tonight, I'll be youtube-ing some tutorials, being that I pretty much winged it. Something that confused me was that the needle is Handy Hands' brand, but it costs 40 cents more in the Handy Hands catalog. I'm puzzled. Whatever....

Random Stuff Time:

Card I made (Cardstock is on sale right now at Joann!)

And a painting. Only happens once in a blue moon, really. I'm happy with it. The black is shiny, so it looks kinda gray.

Hmmm mhm, that's it! Pretty much my week in a nutshell. I've been having to do that whole 'studying' thing. Ew! Actually, I quite like studying, it's going well.

Anyway, thank you! ^_^


  1. Hi Anika, Just had to tell you that I love tatting with those Sewmate shuttles with the pointed tips. The tips are sharp when new but they get worn down after a while. Be careful, I have broken a tip once while untatting. It is larger than the Clover so I use it for my hanky edgings.

  2. Hey, welcome to needle tatting! Hope you had fun winging it: it looks good!

  3. I love the bobbin shuttles! I always take a sharp knife and cut off that little pokey end at the back. It is just to use to wind the bobbin, but I don't use it and it gets in the way. I like it that I can easily wind the thread back up when I am switching from rings to chains. The Clover shuttles and ones like it take longer to wind and unwind thread. And the bobbins hold more thread so I don't have to add new thread as often. I do keep a Clover shuttle hand for untatting as the little hook on the bobbin shuttle does not work good for that with small thread. But it is nice for picking up some beads with when adding them later. I have tried needle tatting but did not really like it. It just seemed like the rings and chains were not as tight as with shuttle tatting.
    Have fun trying them all!