Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finally! Something new to share. Lately, I haven't really been driven to make anything. The next birthday in my family will be me (October 8 *cough cough*), but my friend does have one around then as well, so I've started working on some things for her.

I've gone Etsy crazy lately. EVERYTHING is on there. Seriously! I've started getting my jewelry findings on there. Because my friend doesn't read my blog, I feel it's safe to post these.

The little purple bit is from Celtic Tatting: Knots and Patterns. I need to start saying where the patterns are from because I've been getting scolded lately! Haha. The earring part is stainless steel, and the heads are from superdraven on etsy. They came in a pack of six. So, I might make two more pairs, as my friend is really into that style. Buddhist I think. The tatting is hardened with a glue/water mixture 80/20, so it's strong enough not to sag under the weight of the heads.

I also got these fairies.

They inspired this.

Yes, I know, the drawing is terrible. It's going to be an elaborate collar/necklace. If it works out, I'll post the pattern soon. The green motif is going to be part of it.

The pattern is from Tatting Patterns and Designs. In Krystle's Of Berries and Fairies. Not bad for unblocked! Lighting isn't very good.

I swore I wasn't going to post this until I actually had something interesting to share. The last thread I posted had really good response. I'm very grateful! I hope it met expectations.

This is a soft, fruity blend (no other way to describe it). The motif is in #80.

It's very soft. Links through the pictures. I don't love how the #10 came out, so that's on sale.

That's all!

Thank you. (:


  1. Your friend should be thrilled at her birthday, they're great.

    I think your idea for the fairy findings looks very interesting. It will be fun to see it come to fruition.

    Your thread looks lovely! I can't keep up with my thread but I'm still tempted!

  2. Ooooh, the thread color looks wonderful! Nice earrings for your friend, too. Have a great weekend.