Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Moly!

I apologize for this picture being the icon for this post. But, this is quite scary.

That's my grandma's leg. A few nights ago, she and my cousin were driving along on a two lane highway when a drunk driver heading towards them swerved into their lane. My grandma quickly pulled to the right, but the truck still hit them, although, not as badly as it would have been head on. She managed to get out with just VERY bruised legs. My cousin was fine, thankfully.

Today, she came to visit and: 1. I got to take this gruesome picture of a bruise any middle schooler would envy, and 2. Give her this.

Might as well cut to the chase, right? The van didn't make it out alive. RIP trustworthy van....

My thread windy-spinny, wall thing has been working out pretty well, but I got tired of having to guide the thread by hand. So I made a thing that does that for me. Now I just have to spin it and stare. I was thinking though, I could probably devise something to spin it, also... But that's a little too lazy. The tape is for decorative effect. Not really, it's just too hard to get off. The glue I used REALLY stuck it on there.

And, finally, I'm doing a Halloween thread-set thing. It's a set of two skeins. One with just a pretty solid color (I loveeee how they turned out), and another with that solid color and black.

Links through the pictures!

That's it! ^_^


  1. I love the colors! Unfortunately, my funds are too low, or you know I'd be getting me some new thread!
    Hope your Grandmother is healing well.

  2. I'm glad to hear that they weren't more hurt! Mmm halloween colors...