Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thread Makes the World Go Round

Not everybody knows it. But, it's true.

Bored, I remembered why I started dyeing thread: because I wanted more! So a couple nights ago, I dyed a whole bunch of solid colors.

I found as many plastic cups (and wine glasses, that was not appreciated) as I could. Filled them with just enough water to cover one skein of thread, and made up a whole bunch of different colors. Then soaked the skeins (size 30, since it's now retired from sales) for a couple hours. That was using Dylon, and the colors turned out very vibrant.

I also got out the ancient Rit dye and tried that. I simmered each skein of thread in a pan with a tiny bit of water. That was nice too. Here's all the new thread. Yayyyy!

The picture doesn't do them justice. And my two favorite ones are being used for a new (fabulous) edging.

BRIGHT blue and canary yellow. The edging is turning out so so so pretty. It's 8899 from the Tatter's Treasure Chest. Maybe I'm becoming neater, because my unblocked pieces are looking better. Happy! The corners were hard to figure out how to turn. I had to stare at it for half an hour before I figured it out.

I'm giving needle tatting another try, I got a big needle and a tiny needle.

And some size 80! Pretty!

I never really get thread anymore, but 80 is always nice.

Fin! ((:

Thank you for reading!


  1. I really like the color combo for your edging! And the pattern is lovely too.

  2. Thread does make my world go 'round! Your colors are beautiful, and I love the ones you chose for the edging!

  3. Great edging! And your thread looks yummy.
    Fox : )

  4. I love your thread colors! The edging is looking so good in the colors you chose, and I like the pattern, too.
    I like the crisp feel of size 80 thread. I have a problem with tonking it, though, which happens quite often.

  5. dyeing your own threads must be really fun! it must be very satisfying too to use them afterwards to tat. enjoy yourself.

  6. Beautiful rainbows of color! And the edging looks very good too.

  7. very nice color edging beautiful!

  8. Your colors are wonderful! And your edging is beautiful! :)

  9. I love the colors of everything! The edging is lovely and in my h.s. colors :) I've only just started my first edging, so I don't know how I'll do at the corner, but yours is fantastic.