Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twilight Zone

It's been a bit bizarre these days. In my last post, I mentioned that I got new tatting needles. Well, the small needle turned out to be the same as the one I already had and the company won't let me exchange it so far. I have a feeling they just don't want to bother, even if I pay shipping both ways. It kind of irks me, but whatever! Not like I've spent a whole lot of money on their site. Oh wait... I have. -_- *sigh* As I was saying, the bigger of the needles was supposed to be for size 10 and thin yarns, but I think I've figured it out. You're supposed to use the smallest possible size needle for the thread you're using. This is my assumption, at least.

I tried tatting with size 10. DID NOT work out. So, feeling a bit defeated, I tried with some yarn. And, hallelujah, it's a miracle! It actually worked! In one day, I did this.

It doesn't look very big, but it measures a foot across so far. It's from Tatting With Anne Orr, one of the biggest doilies in there. My goal is for it to be a lap blanket type thing, or at least a decorative gigantic doily to go on top of my fabulously ugly blanket that I love so much. I measured and did some calculations, and I thinkkk it'll be 3-4' feet across when finished, it will have to be a surprise!

I tried to tat with the smaller needle again, thinking that I had maybe conquered needle tatting, but I think that my initial troubles might have had to do with the flexibility of the needle, because the large needle doesn't bend at all, whereas the smaller needle is moving all over the place. It still wasn't very much fun, so, for smaller threads, the shuttle is the way to go.

This is probably the most exciting thing lately.... *drum roll*

A SERGER!!! YAYYYY!!! It's an early birthday present (two more weeks). It was on sale at Joann for around $180 I think, from $300, and it's completely amazing! Pretty much every piece of clothing is serged somewhere, as sewing machines just don't do the job properly, and it's cool to actually have one. As seen in the above pictures, I've been serging like crazy. It just looks so nice and neat, and, dare I say, my favorite word.... organic. Raw edges make me happy.

Joann is having a Halloween sale, even though it's more than a month away. I'm not too keen on holidays, but I AM keen on interesting fabrics. Glittery tulle stuff ($2.50 a yard) and thick elastic turned into this. It took 2 yards, and I pretty much made it up as I went along.

The sewing job isn't the best and I couldn't find my black thread, but it turned out better than I thought. It's supposed to go over tights or a dress or something, as it's a little too short to wear alone! Happy ^_^

Hmm... The end! 


  1. You amaze me, Anika! Your needle tatting is impressive, and I can't believe all you've done with your serger! My brain sure doesn't work like yours does. If it did, I think I'd be world famous. : )

    Keep sharing your experiments, please! You keep me inspired!

  2. Diane beat me to it - you are absolutely amazing! Just reading your blog tires me out! The energy! The drive! The creativity! The talent! YOU GO GIRL!
    Fox : 0

  3. You tatted all that in one day? Wow!
    I'd love to have 1/2 the energy you have!
    Keep on! Love the mini skirt. What are you wearing with it? Is it for Hallowe'en?

  4. You're so comical!! You always say something to make me chuckle (in every post).

    Congrats on the new machine! and your needle tatting looks good.

  5. I'm so impressed that you're using a serger! I don't do enough sewing to justify buying one, but I was always curious to see how they worked. They seem to have come down in price and also have simplified the threading process. Glad you're having fun with it!

  6. I figured that at least one comment would have said, 'yeah, you're right about the size thing with the needles'. LOL. I wasn't going to lead with that, but I guess I am now... Typically, it's supposed to be that the needle should be with the same width as the thread... I've been breaking that rule and using a Size 5 with Size 20 thread and my tatting doesn't seem any looser, but I realize that it's keeping me from making the tension too, too tight (i.e. not being able to hide ends tight...). Besides, according to Handy Hands, a Size 5 can be used with 20. LOL.

    Now that that's been said, let me get to what I WANTED to lead with: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! You are a GENIUS!!! I bought Rosewood Tatting Needles from Lacis a while back because I fell in love with them... Well, I used one ONCE, made a ring, and moved on. Never went back to them because they're more for yarn than thinner thread and I couldn't see why I'd ever tat with yarn (not to mention I don't have yarn, LOL, other than one tiny ball). You just inspired me to grab a Rosewood and that tiny ball and try it out and... I believe 'Lavender And Lace' on page 43 of Tatting Doilies and Edgings edited by Rite Weiss might just be getting a makeover as a tatted afghan! :-D THANK YOU!!! I honestly never would have thought of that without your post --and I've been eying up that pattern, so I'm glad that it looks like it might work for something other than a placemat. LOL.

    Now, just gotta get to "A.C. Mom" or Joanne's and buy some yarn in colors I wants! :-)

    Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

    -Stephanie GRace