Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A post. I've been pretty sickly lately. And it's not very nice to be touching fabrics and fibers when sick, so not much has been accomplished. Yesterday and the day before, I was feeling a little better. So I worked on some more little earrings for my friend, since she just got her ears pierced a couple months ago.

The second ones I had made in purple for her already, but I remembered that she doesn't like dark purple. So I gave those away and remade them in Krystle's "Vineyard at Dusk" (or something, she hasn't dyed thread in wayyy too long!).

The yellow flower is a single-type thing. Those sing long feather earrings are popular and, since my friend has a ton of them, they might look cool paired with the giant stud.

Lastly, the hoops I wrapped a while ago and was never going to anything with. I don't wear earrings, I just wear captive bead rings because I'm afraid of my earrings being ripped out. Why even have pierced ears? Becauseeee!

Yesterday, I got up the strength to wind up some skeins I've dyed.

The solid colors make me so happy. It's strange. I need to get a really patternful (new word) motif book. My thread collection has grown, but I need more. Lots more. Tatting must be done!

BUT.... Not any time soon... Because I now have strep throat, which is weird because I rarely even leave the house, and wash my hands constantly. *sigh*

All I know is that it hurts REALLY bad, really hot things help, and cold things hurt terribly (orange juice: my love ): ).

Oh yeah. I turned 18 on Saturday. Woo.

That's it!