Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alive and Well! *apologies*

I would say "I'm so so so so so so sorry I've disappeared without a trace", but I don't believe anyone will accept my apology. It's been a month and a day since I last posted. Reading through my last post, it seemed as though I was headed downhill, so I hope no one thought me dead!

In retrospect, I should have posted, but I didn't think it worth it, as there was nothing to say. After being ill for an endless number of days, I lost the urge to tat/dye thread at all. Just within the past couple days I've started to tat again. So, remorsefully, I come bearing patterns, as, when I got the urge, I had no books!

A few updates:

1. Spent a week suffering strep for no apparent reason. I leave the house once a week and that's what I get! *sigh* For anyone who's never had it, imagine the worst sore throat of your life. You can only drink hot things with a little comfort, as the cool things, that normally soothe a sore throat once in a while, KILL. As for eating, after it went away, I would still cringe before swallowing a bite of food in anticipation of the pain to follow out of habit. Just thought I would share...

2. Put a streak of green in my hair for no apparent reason.

3. Moved in with my aunt as there is a lot more for me to do here and my lessons are here. Didn't bring any tatting books on purpose, as when the urge struck me, I wanted to be really creative about it, which worked! Of course, I will be bringing the books over this week, now I miss them greatly!

4. Went pink. That didn't look so good.

Not very good quality picture or dye job! I did it myself (BAD idea).

5. Cut my hair. Decided I DIDN'T want it pink and suffered through 4 1/2 hours of going blonde.

I think I look a lot better as a blonde, although, I do look deathly in that picture. No makeup/eyebrows. Don't ask. This color will stay. Maybe a better picture posted soon... Hmm... Nah, no one cares.

That's pretty much all that's happened, I'm still getting things in order.

Now for the patterns!

This is a bracelet, choker, or bookmark, generally. But I think it can be anything, really.

Really cute and simple! My first crack at tatting after a month, also. So I'm proud!

R5--5 C10 R5+5 C10 R5--5 Repeat until desired length. To turn, just do 4 rings joined as in the picture. The cute part is that, when you go around the second time, you join the one ring where two rings from the last row are joined and two rings where there was only one ring. Make sense?

I hope it does. ^_^ I was able to finish this bracelet pretty quickly. But I made it too big! GRRR..

This is SOOO fast and looks really nice and neat. It helps to be able to estimate how much thread you'll need, as its obnoxious to run out or have wayyy too much left over.

The first motif is R5--5 C15 R5+5 C15 R5+5 C10-5 R5+5 C5-10. It's written like that so there will be no extra picots at the end. You can do all the motifs as written below, but the way above makes it nice and neat. Do the last motif accordingly.

The next motif and those following will be:
R5--5 C10-5 R5+5 C5-10 R5+5 C10+(join to last motif)5 R5+5 C5+10

This ring is dumbish, but again, fast.

Row 1 R10-10-10-10 C5-5 *R5-5-5-5 C5-5** Repeat from *to** until desired size. Tie and cut.
Row 2 *C+5-5** Repeat until at end. Tie and cut.

The way it's written is a little large, but the lovely thing is that you can replace the 5's with 2's or 3's or anything. In place of the 10 will be whatever is double your replacement of the 5. Get it?

The colors are supposed to be vintage-y.

Teeny tiny itty bitty eensy weensy motif. For earrings or charms or anything! Nice for testing out lovely new thread.

R2-4-2 C4-1-4 R2+4-2 C4-4 Repeat until there are 8 rings. I LOVE how this came out. The beads are so cute and the thread is so pretty! If I may say so, as it is my own. (as is the thread used in the patterns above).

Speaking of thread, that's what gave me the push. All this lovely thread that I had just dyed and I wasn't even using it! Wah! But now I will.

The colors are so wonderful, very mellow and homey. Now everyone is cramped in my little thread case!

On a thread dying note, I forgot to mention that I tried dyeing some Lizbeth. People love Lizbeth, it's a fact, but its usually tricky. The thread that I dyed above was using the microwave method. (Mix up an itty bitty dye bath in a cup, put the thread in, swirl it around to the water is covering it and microwave for a minute.) The results have turned out wonderfully! So I thought I would give Lizbeth another go.

Just look at it!!! That black! Rich and deep. Absolutely perfect. So if you only want a few yards each of a lot of colors, Lizbeth is a go! BUT, I'm saying this for the millionth time, Red Heart size 30=super awesome and cheap for home dyeing. 30 really is perfect. But yeah, the Lizbeth turned out pretty great. The only thing is that it's still tricky to dye different colors unless you have some SUPER strong dyes.

That's it.

Once more, sorry if I had anyone worrying about me. Here's my dog and her stuffed animal. They're synchronized-sleeping. (Note the little bit of fluff and fur she just violently ripped out of him).



  1. We all have our times when we just don't have the time, energy, or interest to keep up with something. I think life is just that way.

    Please don't ever think that your readers don't care! I have met some of the most caring people in the world in the tatting community. If anything, we're all tangled in our own lives, and we don't always think to ask others about what is going on in theirs.

    I love the muted dark colors you've dyed! I'd have a hard time not having any tatting books around... or shuttles, or thread, or a computer... you get my drift!

    It's good to read a post from you again!

  2. Nice to hear from you, Anika, and know you're feeling better! Your thread is luscious! I like the first pattern with the rings off-set. Isn't it neat how not having a pattern with you can spark that creativity? Keep on designing your own stuff--I like what I see.
    I think this time of year, a lot of people are in a funk. Summer's over, school has begun, and the flurry of activity around Hallowe'en is finished. The grey days of November are upon us, and the clocks have gone back an hour, and the colder days begin. Or maybe it's just me.
    Glad you're back. Hugs

  3. Was thinking the other day about you and wondering how you were doing and what you were creating...I do care and find your posts interesting always. Can't seem to post regularly myself, so I just thought life was happening and the time to post not occuring for you as happens to me :-)

  4. I'm so glad to see you are okay. If you don't think you have anything interesting to post, please just post a little note that you are still there and doing okay. Some of us actually do get a little worried when you seem to disappear.

    I love some of those colors.

  5. pink....HA both my mom and sister are doing odd things to their hair. my mom went all PURPLE, and my sister is trying to go teal...
    I know how you feel 'bout the throat thing, just getting over a very very sore throat also.

    you wrap your dyed thread around toilet paper rolls...thats pretty smart!

  6. Sorry to read you had strep throat... mine is aching now just from reading

    Yes, I would like to see a better photo of you as a blonde... out of all 3 you posted, I like the green streak .

    Thanks for patterns sharing - I love the ring! will have to try it

  7. Well, first I have to say- love the hair! But now you need a new profile picture. : )
    Second, nice to see you again!
    Third, fun patterns and thread - have you thought of naming your colors because it would be nice to have a way to refer to them.
    Lastly, I made something with one of your threads last week. The thread was a variety of browns and looked like chocolates- very yummy!

  8. Nice projects and great colors! :)