Friday, November 18, 2011

Coupon Crazy

I was surprised by the number of comments on the giveaway post. More people read my blog than I thought.... Hmmm. I'd better start posting as such.

The Random Number Generator chose Jess as the recipient of the sparkly shuttle.

Within the next few weeks, I'll be doing a few more giveaways. Yep, a few. It may seem a little excessive, but it's a holiday thing, so its justified! And it's also thread, so, that's like extra justified.

Joann was having a pretty good sale yesterday, so I got a few things.

Random patterns that I may never use. $2 each versus the normal $17. Soooo worth it.

A bead thing that I need to work on.

And hair clips for tatted things.

Also, I thought I would share just how obsessive I am when it comes to shopping.

On a note card, I write the name of the store, the things I'm interested in, the budget, things I definitely have to get, clip the coupons on the back, and glue little pictures of things that are worth looking at. If I don't do this, I end up panicking when I forget what I'm looking for.... Yeahhh, pathetic, I know. It works though! Except for the fact that when I went yesterday, I realized I estimated wrong and panicked a little anyway! Then came home with way less than I intended to.

It's okay though, because, today only, they have free shipping no matter what your order amount. That's reallyyyy awesome. So I was able to get what I had originally intended on. AND, you should definitely check that out. There are some crazy good deals online that they never have in stock because of the price. The shipping is usually the dealbreaker for me.

Just thought I would share. In case you are as obsessive compulsive as I am! Ha..

Thank you for reading!



  1. Cool finds, everything is better with a coupon!

  2. Wow - you're REALLY organized! I usually write up a list of things I want, but then forget to put the list in my purse! Then in the store I have to rely on my memory of the list! Of course, I get distracted by so MANY other things!!

    Thanks for the tip about the free shipping!

  3. Organization is good...

    Interesting patterns... really like the gowns

    Congrats to Jess!

  4. A girl after my own heart! <3 Thank you for making me not feel so 'weird' that I have my little 'quirks'. LOL. My shopping lists even tend to be sorted by order of aisles/ sections. Then again, you should see me if I'm about to check out at the grocery store and see a bagger! That sends fear through me like nothing else! (They have kids doing it for donations and I felt bad today telling them I would bag my own... I just *hate* when my stuff isn't bagged correctly.

    Craft supplies, I usually get online or from A.C. Mom (it's good having a mom that loves crafting, LOL). I only take a trip to a craft store if I NEED something specific because, well, I hate shopping, I'm cheap, and I tend to spend too much money in those places. LOL. Since I've been sticking primarily to just tatting, there isn't anything in those stores for me anyway. *whines* I'm lucky if I see Size 20 in white... Size 10 is more readily available, but I don't use 10 very often... >.<

    Eek! I'm rambling and Hubby wants me to look up the lottery numbers, so I'm going to Post Comment and be quiet now.. LOL...

    Thank you again; you're a doll!!!

    -Stephanie Grace
    Oh! P.S. Thank you for mentioning the free shipping thing! I HATE paying for shipping --and had to call Mom right away with that information! LOL. :-D

  5. I'm so excited that the Random Number Generator favored me. :o)

    Do the smaller compartments on your bead storage come out? Because if so, that would be fabulous! I have a bead box and it's a mess, because of course it gets knock over and then all the beads get mixed together.
    Kudos on your organizational skill.. that's wonderful! I lack those skills in every where imaginable :o)