Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This first thing isn't tatting, but I'm pretty proud of it! A couple of posts ago I said I was making a vest for my cousin. Well, it turned into a shrug, but its all good! This is a landmark for me because I have very little patience for most things. I finished it in two days because I was determined not to get distracted.

It could have been better. I kinda just winged it since I don't actually know how to read crochet patterns. I taught myself to crochet at around 5 but was never able to understand the lingo, maybe someday!

Since it's cruel to give a child clothing for their birthday, I also made her a pin that shes especially happy about.

Simple flower in her favorite color!

Also, a few days she lost her first tooth, so I covered a little jewelry box in pretty paper and glued a modernish rose to the top. On the inside it says the normal stuff "First tooth lost bla bla bla"

My (first) Joann package came. The second is getting here next week or something. The sales get me! I can't resist. But it's all stuff that I either need or will use for Christmas orrrr were too good to resist.

My knee is in this picture for some reason.

1. A tonnn of cross stitch patterns. They were only a couple dollars each.

2. Booklets of embroidery and crochet patterns. I'm gonna make an effort to learn.

3. Stickers for cards. The violin one in particular is a catch as my violin teacher will appreciate it.

4. Little baggies. I accidentally ordered two packs. -_____-. So now I have about 7 million.

5. Macrame rings! YAYYYY!! This one especially thrilled me as I've seen tatted ornaments in rings and reallyyyy want to try that. My mom is in love with ornaments so she'll like that. Although, they forgot to include the 3" ones...

6. Little knick knacks, blending tortillons, labels, feathers for jewelry, and a stylus for nailpolish. Oh and a tote that was like $3 and is PERFECT for yarn projects.

I know, I know. But it was all sooooo inexpensive and looking at it now, everything is actually going to get good use.

I don't usually get this much stuff. Its just right now as there are all the sales, free shipping, etc. I don't want to seem like a spoiled brat. I don't spend money on clothes or makeup or nailpolish or that, I just spend money on crafts!

Once again, you can totally tell me if my "hauls" are annoying. They bug some people, whereas I LOVEEE them.

Oh yeah, and I put some shuttles up on Etsy. I practiced a bit, and I feel confident with these!

Click on the pictures to go to the listings. :)

That's ittt! I hope you enjoyed this post at least a little.

Thank you for reading :)



  1. Fun goodies...and I like seeing them :-). I learned to crochet as a young girl too...and only recently figured out how to read patterns, like in the last 2 years. I could copy an existing crochet item and do things from pics, but the patterns were like Greek to me. Check out Teresa Richardson / crochet geek on you tube, she has patterns and lots of you tube videos. The combination of the two really helped me figure out what I was doing with the patterns.

  2. I love the first tooth box what a lovely idea. Wish I'd had it about 10 years ago.

    The shuttles are pretty, especially the first one!

  3. Shopping is very good for the soul, and when you can purchase items at sale prices... whooeee! The first tooth box is adorable, and your shuttles look terrific!

  4. Neat! Looks like you're stocked up for a year.

    Shuttles look nice too, I really like the orange-ish one.

  5. That purple pin is absolutely gorgeous!! :)
    And the rose box is sweet! :)