Sunday, November 20, 2011

Too Obsessed

Lately, I've been trying this thing where I'm really productive and so far it's been going well. Getting up early, doing what I'm supposed to do, ya know. It's a lot more rewarding to wake up at sun up than at sundown.

Tatting is on my list because I don't actually have anything to do...

Today, actually, I'm going to a new church, since I just moved here, (Don't worry, I don't talk about that stuff) and decided to give the bishop a bookmark. It turned out messy, because I didn't have my iron. Grrr.... So I had to work with starch and pins.

I forgot where the pattern is from, but I just Googled "tatted bookmark pattern" and it was like the third one. Very pretty and full.

Got some more stuff at Joann. I know, I knowwwww. But the sales are too good and the coupons. OH the coupons. Two 60% off coupons cannot simply be wasted.

 14 gauge wire that I already used. It's aluminum which is safe for piercings apparently, but can cause allergic reactions in some people. I would rather a safe metal, but I'll try this out..

 PINS! Perfect for Christmas. People are gonna be disappointed! All they're getting is thought and something pretty.
 I don't like standard 18/19 gauge earring wires, as it's prone to migrate and VERY easily can rip through your flesh, so a teeny bit bigger is more of my preference, but these will work for gifts.

 My cousins birthday is coming up, so I'm attempting a vest... HMM. Wish me luck.
 The sale gave me the push to purchase this. So tempting, and now it's mine.
More patterns that I might never use. In my defense, they are all practical and only use a couple yards of fabric!

That's pretty much it. Sorry if posting what I get is obnoxious. I only do it because I personally really like hauls and seeing what people buy. It gives me ideas.

And, Joann is having ANOTHER sale. But, this time, it's going to be better and most likely make me broke.

Rules for myself:
Only 5 patterns.
Only fabric that I will actually use.
No pleather or vinyl, even if it's pink.
Only neutral colors of thread. Let's face it, lime green will never be used again.


We'll see....



  1. you so crazy! great to see you posting again!

  2. Not at all obnoxious to post your great purchases. It's fun to see what others are getting. So please keep it up! Karen in OR

  3. What!?!?!? No more lime green??? Better stock up now. Can't live without lime green!
    Thanks for the heads up on Jo-Ann's sales.
    Love to see your purchases. What fun to see all those delicious goodies you bought. Don't forget to post photos of the vest once it is done!