Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 ^This shuttle is going to be up high for some reason.

 So, I've been working on the shuttles and REALLY enjoying them. They are so nice. More techniques have been added. I'm awfully proud of the flower one. They're nail flowers and I'm pretty sure they're real. The leopard print is also a favorite. I'll be doing some more of that in different colors. Lime green should be arriving any day now! The finishes are very smooth. Something that is a little disappointing is that I can't specifically order shuttles without the "Prym" logo. It's tricky to conceal. Strangely enough, there are shuttles, by Prym, that have "Germany" on them instead that look exactly the same. The company sent me some of those with the Prym ones and I was ecstatic. The "Germany" is so easy to file off. I wrote a nice note with my next order and they sent me all "Germany" ones, save one Prym. So I've decided to just keep the Prym ones for myself, since the smooth shuttles are a lot more attractive and I don't have to feel SO bad letting go.

The links are through the pictures:

And this ^ is one that says Prym. So I'm keeping it. Luckily, it's the only shuttle I messed up on, as well.

Just cute stuff:

I took my Bunny poodle dog to get her picture taken. She was absolutely terrified, being that she had gotten groomed there a week before, so she thought I was going to leave her. To protect herself, she forced me to carry her, which posed a problem when portrait time came around. The photographer was viciously squeaking a toy and I was barking and pointing at the camera, none of which worked. A combination of counting and dog-throwing produced the following pictures.

I think they turned out soooo cute! And now I'm looking into getting a gigantic one on my wall.... Hehehehehe. I'm way too obsessed.

Finally, I've been informed that I am now a personal makeup artist for a certain 6 year old cousin. Yay! That means my brother will be spared, as I now have a willing model. She insisted that I take this picture while I was taking some of the shuttles.

The end.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday. :)


  1. Nice shuttles, Anika! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. The shuttles look wonderful! Good job!

  3. you are getting good at these shuttles! i love the polka dots too.

    your doggie is very charm. lovely pics.

    have a great christmas!

  4. Happy New Year
    wonderful shuttle