Friday, December 28, 2012

Tatted gifts and apple pie!

I should be cleaning my desk, but decided to efficiently procrastinate and do a blog post!

I ended up adding chains to these earrings for my mom.

She actually wore them! Success!

To go along with them, I made a bracelet in a matching fashion.

Fast pattern.

Polymer clay cookie pendant.

I made a display card for it.

A bookmark I ended up making for my grandma. I really don't like how it came out.

After using size 80 routinely, 20 is impossible. So I think, from now on, I will only be using size 40 and up.

A thank-you bookmark in size 50 thread. Dyed it forever ago.

Lovely base thread. DMC Cordonnet from France. So silky smooth.

Size 80 motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs. It called for two shuttles, but I just used one.

Teeny tiny paper clip butterflies. I made these because I wanted to see all the pretty new threads without starting a big project.

My first watercolor that I'm actually happy to show.

Lots of progress to be made, but it's a step in the right direction.

Lastly, a Dutch apple pie I made for Thanksgiving. Mmm! Now I'm starving for more. Good thing I have apples left.

The pie crust dough I had originally made, didn't work out, so I had to make a no-chill dough at the last minute. It worked out splendidly. Nice and smooth. Easy to roll. Not exactly a perfect lattice top, but not bad for my first attempt ever.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Miracle Doily Progress and Itty Bitty Butterflies

Okay, so I guess doilies aren't so bad. This one has breezed by. Even the "long" row. That was actually my favorite to tat (don't tell anyone!). The fast rows aren't very much fun. Especially all-ring rows. I have a hard time getting those even, but I don't think it turned out too badly.  Just one more row! It's the same as the "long" row. That might take a couple days. Love the thread!

Last night a did a couple butterflies from Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers. The first is the right Butterfly done in size 80 Country Side (Lizbeth #117). The second (left) is the same pattern, but I moved around the picots and added some. It's done in size 80 Sea Scape (Lizbeth #125). Very pretty! Guess I just really like blue and orange. The white is also quite nice; it's more of an ecru. I HAD intended on tatting them onto a paper clip, but I forgot... Both times round....

Before moving back to the doily, I'm going to work on some more little paperclip critters!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back in the doily mood: The Miracle.

I decided to be adventurous and begin a new doily. That's something I haven't done in a long time. A big project just seems so daunting. But I got so much beautiful size 80 thread! That can hardly be used for jewelry, so a doily was the best plan to showcase the colors. To top it off, I recently re-purchased a copy of Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson (crazy names). The doily patterns in there are so perfect. This is the one I decided on:

Entitled "The Miracle", it's very elegant. I'm on the third row. It's one of those lengthy impressive-but-never-want-to-do-it-again rows. Unfortunately, it repeats later on, but looks so pretty!

I'm using size 80 Girly Girl by Lizbeth.

As a buffer project, I started another doily as well, but the progress is not notable yet.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Even more earrings... Wut...

I haven't been tatting so much these past couple days. It's been more about other projects and cleaning up after an overzealous pit bull. Today she chewed up a lightbulb (LIGHTBULB!). How terrifying! I inspected her mouth and there didn't seem to be any wounds. Let's hope she didn't swallow any glass. I went straight out and bought her some new chew toys that don't seem to interest her at all.

Side note: Why are good dogs toys so expensive?!

Anyway, I have a few more pairs of earrings. The first is just another one of the flower earrings in a more vivid color selection (chosen by my boyfriend/color advisor).

These are a play on the Egyptian Flower earrings. I might add some chain to these. I'll post a pic if I do.

The next are crazy simple. Just the first layer of the flower petals and I added some beads for elegance. A little too simple for my taste.

So now I've completed 10 pairs of earrings. My mom visited me today and I gave her three of them. That means I have 7 pairs of gift earrings. Not too shabby. And still an acceptable amount of time until Christmas! Woohoo!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3-D Flower Earring Pattern and Golden Star Earring Pattern Pattern

Two new patterns today. Maybe one doesn't count as a pattern as it heavily relies on beads. But it looks AWESOME.

The first is a 3-D flower. It uses a jump ring in the middle. Each ring is 4-4 DS and each chain is has 7 picots separated by 2DS. There are two layers, each 4 rings and chains. So you go around and do the first row (both are the same) joining to the jump ring as you would a picot. Tie off and hide threads, then do an identical row with each ring between two rings of the first row. I used two different colors but they look too similar. I'm working on a pair with contrasting colors right now. These are very fast and neat looking. I starched them flat then carefully lifted the petals of the top row while still wet to give it volume. The earring wire would be attached to the middle picot of one of the back chains.

Remember how I said I was in love my (now called) Egyptian flower pattern? No longer. THIS one definitely owns my heart. It cannot be done without the bugle beads, but they work up so quickly and beautifully. Just make sure they all have the same length. One of my stars got wonky because I didn't check. I used a gold plated jump ring in the middle. I forgot the DS at the beginning of each chain, so I added it to the pattern. If you were wondering, this pattern uses 10 bugle beads and 50 seed beads. So worth the counting!
(guess I didn't write the pattern. Each ring is 5+5 DS. The chains are 1 DS beads 1 DS beads 1 DS.) 

Some more Egyptian flower earrings in different shades. I still like the ecru the best. 

Love that chocolate brown! I dyed it a while ago. The sad thing with earrings though is that they have to be quite light unless you're tatting for someone with blonde hair. 

My collection of gift earrings so far. I don't know which are going to who, so that will be decided later. I'm just going to tat up a storm of things that I like. Quotas are never any fun. 

Hmm. Not as many as I thought I had. I'll have to get working on that. And note to future self: DO NOT start Christmas tatting in December if tatting will be the main gifts.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Three Earring Patterns. (Buttons and beadwork!)

I've been having so much fun coming up with new patterns! Well, of course I'm sure are similar patterns out there, as these are simple.

This one is for a two hole button. Four hole buttons seem to be preferable, but I wanted to see if I could comfortably use a two hole button. Not so bad!

(Funny button story. I could only get my hands on a bag full of random red buttons, so yesterday I went to JoAnn to see if I could buy some. Goodness gracious. JAM PACKED. Jam packed as in I couldn't fathom where the end of the line might be. I left, defeated. There aren't even any sales right now!! Sigh. To eBay it is... )

Just wish I had white buttons....

For the next ones, I did finish the pairs, but didn't add the hook as it's too hard to photograph with them.

This next one is my first attempt at using beads on both threads, if that makes any sense. Like, there is a bead on the shuttle thread and three on the ball thread making a square. Lovely! I used a gold plated jump ring in the center. It just gives such a nice clean look.

This one played on that same technique to an extreme. I am so in love with how these turned out. Lovely ecru and gold!

Isn't it beautiful? I used long gold beads in the first picot and on the shuttle thread for chains, with 5 gold beads per chain on the ball thread. These are definitely going to be made several more times. The only thing I don't like so much in that the shape in the middle isn't perfect. Maybe I should make the thread looser.

I'll be making many of these. Not any more button earrings until I get some more, but a ton of the last.

Also, thank you for the suggestions of things I could make for my grandma! I have a good idea of what I'm going to do now.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Earrings and Button Snowflake Pattern

I ordered some thread from Handy Hands. Beautiful stuff! Only size 80 as that's my favorite these days. Then I realized I can't tat jewelry with it because it's so fine. No problem. 
A few of these Majestic threads. The colors are interesting. Not sure what I was thinking.

The rest are Lizbeth. I didn't want to take them out of the wrappers, so I just took an up close and cropped. 


Country Side

Niagara Falls

Sea Scape

Autumn Spice

Summer Fun

Turquoise Twist

Denim Whisper

Girly Girl

The pictures don't do the threads any justice. 

I made up a little earring doodle. 

Has to be starched, but with a little bit, it sticks really well. 

And I tatted around a button for the first time. Very enjoyable! I just need to get some better buttons. Joann is probably the place to go. Unsurprisingly, they have a very limited collection of buttons at Walmart.  

1/2" button and size 30 thread. 

This is the beginning of a pattern from a little motif in the Handy Hands newsletter. I didn't go on because I had to add a repeat to make it work for me. The original pattern calls for 4 repeats.

Size 80 Summer Fun. Looks like a snow flake! 

Now, to tat some more button snowflakes as gifts! More frilly though. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Books and Motif Pattern

I've been playing with designing a lot lately. I don't know, something just clicked. In my last post I talked about using jump rings instead of picots. It looks really cool and I wanted to design a pattern to showcase that. This is what I came up with.

I wish that I hadn't used jump rings on the outer row, but oh well. This pattern can, or course, be done with just picots. It tats up quickly and I think it looks really nice! If the middle, outside chains are extended to maybe 10 stitches, several could be put together and used as a mat.

Rarely do I buy books, but, back in the tatting mood, I thought it was appropriate. This is the first book I ever had. A teacher gave it to me as a gift (so kind!). It has great patterns and *gasp* crowns! Not to mention, a million motifs as well as beautiful, simple doilies. Last year, I gave it to someone who wanted to learn to tat. I don't think they ever did, but I certainly missed the book a great deal. Highly recommended if you don't have it already!

A couple days ago I posted, asking about any good books for little motifs and both Diane and Margaret recommended Tatting Collage. There truly are itty bitty motifs in here, as well as a lot of freehand stuff. I've never played around with that.

Finally, this isn't tatting, but it is about snowflakes. I keep seeing tons of snowflakes on blogger (appropriately), but I really don't think I have the patience for tatted snowflakes, so I decided crochet would be easier. Lazy me. I haven't opened this book, but once I get to crocheting, I'll tell you how it is! 

That's it for this post. This year, being a college student, I'm pretty darn broke, not like my bought gifts are a hit or anything. So I'll be making all of my gifts. Tatted for the women (Luckily there are mostly females in my family) and either baked or sculpted for the men. All of that will be posted soon!

I need some advice. My grandma (70) doesn't like THINGS. She also doesn't like people doing things for her. She really enjoys my tatting, but it just goes into a baggy in her dresser when I give lace to her. Any ideas?

Thank you!