Thursday, February 23, 2012

No tatting. Feel free not to read.

I wish that I could post fabulous pictures showing you all the wonderful things I've done in my absence. But alas, I have done nothing.

Well, I've done a lot. But nothing related to tatting. In fact, I haven't picked up a shuttle in a couple months. We all have mental blocks, and that's what I've been experiencing. Usually it doesn't last this long, and more often than not it's solved by simply making something. Speaking of which, I should probably try to make something.

Anyway, here's why I haven't blogged. This is a tatting blog. Not a complaining blog, political blog, general craft blog, gossip blog, etc. If I don't have any tatting to show, there's no point in my posting and wasting anyone's time. It seems that some people have legitimately worried, so I'm sorry about that! All is well. I'm thankful for the people who have taken the time to read my blog from time to time.

Oh and did you know I have almost 17,000 views on a "How to Tat" video? What in the world. That's pretty cool. But someone commented that I tat in a weird way or something. Is that not how you're supposed to do it...? People seemed to find it helpful.

Here are some photos of un-tatting things that I've done in the past couple months.

 Spent way too much time with sequins.
 Again. Way too much time.
 Felted something for the first time. Terrible photo. But its a lot more awesome than I thought it would be.
 Started getting REALLY into embroidering. Seriously. I could start a blog just for that. But I think I might refrain.
 Made a baby.... Out of clay. Not bad! I might enjoy giving that another shot. Sculpting is fun.
 Had a hair DISASTER. Oh my goodness. I can't even tell you. Let's just say I have to put a lot more thought into my appearance now to make sure people still know I'm a girl. Also, I don't wear those hoops all the time. Just wanted to let you know!
 Took a family portrait with my newest love: the cello. The easiest instrument I've ever learned to play. And it looks like a mommy violin. That's pretty cute!
I'm sure I put this is my last post. But yeah. Bunny. SO CUTE. I can't stop looking it this.

Alright. There you have it. Sorry again for my absence. I'll formally warn you that I won't be posting until I DO have some tatting for you!

Thank you for reading!



  1. there is always a couple jerks in anything... i don't think you tat weird.... a quote from patty d on intatters... the knot doesn't care how it is made...

  2. There is no wrong or right way to tat, everyone does it their own way. all that matters is that the knots slide. sounds like you have been having a full life.

  3. You sound like me and all my "stuff" goIng on. I like reading what everyone is in to, so you don't have to write just about tatting. Now I know you are a musician too, just like me. And you are really cute with your new haircut. I enjoyed your post!

  4. Tat weird. Hmm. I suppose we could all have worse things said about us! I have seen your style of tatting in other videos. I have come to think of it as "European Style". I guess the rest of us are doing the "slip and slide" method. But, in the end, your tatting is gorgeous. So, well, I think you can relish being "weird". Heaven knows, I do. :-)
    You are very creative and so versatile! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing.

  5. personally, i don't care how you/anyone does anything. it's the result that matters. I'm tired of all the 'rules'.
    and, your hair looks great - you should see mine, way shorter and i'm way older too ... not that i'm jealous or anything.

    and, lastly, i would die to be able to play any instrument (have never tried the triangle though, so perhaps there's hope). my father in law played the cello, his brother, the violin, their mother, the piano. one of the children, the flute. it's just not fair that some people get all of the music genes. i can only dream of standing alone on a dramatically darkened stage as i knock out the packed auditorium with my genius.

    oh well, perhaps in another life ...

    keep tatting :)

  6. For some reason I just saw this post.... caught my eye I suppose. I watched your video, & I happen to like the way you tat!It looks very smooth & it accomplishes some beautiful things! :)