Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is worthy of eyeballs!

So, yes, I think I'm going to be blogging again. Mostly because I've done a lot of prioritizing and have decided that tatting DOES play a practical part in my life.

My thread and shuttle listings expired on Etsy, so I decided to give eBay a try. I've been selling some body jewelry a bit, and figured why not. It looks like thread and shuttles might do pretty well. Here are some of my new shuttles:

The first two are Pryms, which I talked about long ago. The last two are good old Clovers. I decided that I'll only be painting them from now on, just because they're popular, long lasting, and easy to use. Also, they have a point. I will also be painting Sew Mate (pointless) shuttles possibly. We'll see about that. The reason I had used Prym in the first place was that they are wickedly smooth, which makes an attractive surface. But that isn't a good reason. I have a technique to get rid of the stamped design on Clovers, so you'll be seeing a lot more of them. By the way, I never realized how much I like painting. It's really nice! And I'm really proud of the flower shuttle. So pretty! All the shuttles are already sold, but I'll have more up soon.

Also, if you decide to check out my eBay, don't be freaked out by the body jewelry. Haha. Some people like it. And I'm able to offer good prices for high quality jewelry! Which is always nice.

I've done so much lately, yet I have no pictures. So they will be up in my next post. I have a few exciting things going on! I'll be starting college next month, but that isn't too exciting. Although I am looking forward to the challenge!

The exciting thing is that I'm writing some books! Woohoo! I have no clue when they'll be finished, or how I'm going to publish them. I just know that they WILL be written. One is a tatting pattern book (not much progress there) and the other is an embroidery pamphlet thing (Lots of progress). I want to keep the embroidery one very short. Maybe 15 patterns and one of those folder-type books that don't have pages. They usually have bookmarks or tiny motifs.

Anyway, that's enough for now!
Happy Tuesday!